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The face of Happy Cat is now commonly associated with this phrase. There is one particular photo, that proves photos origin: I will just put it here, in case my suggestion for a change somehow wont be approved. Oct 17, at The happy cat Cat achieved fame via Something Awful inwhen forum user FancyCat is speculated to have original posted the image, although new the happy cat regarding the account brings this fact into question. He was born in
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Happy Cat Uploaded by Fun Police.

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As concerned "cat parents" we all want happy cats, and yet often we question whether our cat is happy. Although every cat is an individual and. This cat is so happy that he has a permanent smile on his face. Meet Sirius the happy tuxedo cat who is on a mission to bring back Pawsitivity!. "That Happy Cat" is the first cartoon to ever feature Scratchy. It was an early design of Scratchy. It is believed to be created by Myers senior.
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However there is a " Fancy Cat " two words who has been a registered user since , but his post history is incomplete.

Origin: Conflicting Information

Sep 05, at Like us on Facebook! He now lives happily with family that took him in somewhere in Moscow. The true origin of a Happy Cat was revealed thanks to blogspot user Corpuscula post — http: Happy Cat Uploaded by Fun Police.
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There is no record of a goon named FancyCat on SomethingAwful.
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HAPPY CAT hap•py cat hapē kat Adjective Noun Someone who has a smile and a positive attitude and outlook on life. A Happy Cat gets up each day with a. This cat is so happy that he has a permanent smile on his face. Meet Sirius the happy tuxedo cat who is on a mission to bring back Pawsitivity!. The earliest known appearance of Happy Cat on the web actually comes from a a Russian cat food company, also called Happy Cat. Although the cat was not.
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