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Large Cat Litter Trays: I have had others and they are about the same, but this is a great box because of the high sides. Petmate Open Litter Pan. However, after some experimentation, we have found the solution to both problems. He's so big huge cat litter boxes he was pooping over the edge and was getting upset.
Ashley - Age: 21
Price - 137$

As other reviewers have said, the clumps do tend to get stuck in the sifter, and it can be messy to dispose of the waste. Replacement Carbon Filter

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Large Cat Litter Boxes at zooplus

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I have another brand that has an elaborate locking system that broke quickly, so simple works for this box.

Giant Litter Box Favorite Inch Cat Litter Box Extra Large/ Jumbo Covered Litter Pan/ Giant Enclosed Kitten Litter Box/ Hooded Kitty Litter Pan, 2 Colors. At zooplus we provide a range of Large cat litter boxes that suit the larger breed cats, such as the Siberian, Norwegian Forest, Maine Coon and the Ragdoll. Shop Wayfair for the best extra large cat litter box. Enjoy Free Shipping on most stuff, even big stuff.
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Jazz - Age: 24
Price - 162$

No scatter thanks to removable protective border. I originally bought it because it was the only low entry litter box that I could find for my very young kitten. Overall, very happy with this purchase for my two cats.

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It would often dribble over the side My cat gets litter all over the place, but this box really helps!! I ordered two and only one came in an enormous box full of paper. Not a single issue since we got it. Ideal for very large cats: First, store the sifter in the empty pan, and NOT in the pan with the litter when stacked, the sifter should always be in the center of the stack.
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Pepper - Age: 33
Price - 141$

The build quality is nice. Overall, very happy with this purchase for my two cats. Nothing too horrible; just very slight difference.
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We checked all popular models available at for exact sizes and bring you the list of the 15 largest cat litter boxes, along with pros. Shop Wayfair for the best extra large cat litter box. Enjoy Free Shipping on most stuff, even big stuff. Buy products related to giant litter box products and see what customers say about I have a BIG Maine Coon Cat and this litter box is the perfect size for him.
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