Cat stiff legs

He can only control the first inch or two. We have been to the vet and hospital 5 times now. He had blood that was coming out of his nose and it looks like he bit his tongue. Surrounded by bugs, stray dogs, and stray cats. Hello, I have a question. I examined there is no fracture cat stiff legs what??
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He is eating and drinking. Symptoms of Leg Paralysis in Cats.

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Top Ten Emergencies in Cats

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As a matter of fact this was a daily ritual for us for 15 min to 30 min every morning. My cat has also lost all movement in her back legs.

Leg Paralysis in Cats

Q: My Siamese cat is 19 years young. She eats and drinks well and her fur is soft and shiny. The only problem she seems to be having lately is her hind legs. One of the most common physical ailments that can affect your senior cat is immobility. Often hallmarked by leg weakness, stiffness, and a. While we may sometimes see our older cat limping or favoring one leg or another , more often than not our arthritic cats simply become less.
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It seems like the lower part of my cats body can't move any more it's like the lower part of his body has melted to the ground and he doesn't eat any more please help I don't know what going on? We are still waiting for the results on the toxo and crypto tests.

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My year old Daffy G. Against my better judgement I put him to sleep and felt so confused about what had just transpired in the course of maybe an hour or so. My cat already did a blood exam and an echocardiogram and everything was ok. I would have heard her fall, it was 4: Needing a little help here. It is difficult to say what could have caused a sudden hind limb paralysis in Sophie, some shampoos can have some ingredients in them like flea shampoo which may cause neurological symptoms if licked during the bath.
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In some cases, the cat will not be able to move its legs at all (paralysis), and in other cases, there may still be some communication between the brain and spine . Apr 16, Vets at two surgeries in the Highlands have recorded 21 cases of 'staggering disease' where afflicted cats walk with a rigid legs and with a stiff. May 15, A feline that falls over, moves with a stiff-legged gait, wobbles as he walks, or bobs his head repeatedly may be suffering from a condition akin.
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