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Even runs around sometimes and plays often. She doesn't have any history of injury. And do I wait to cat head shaking if it goes away? I don't have any money to send my cats to the veterinarian, but I need to know if there is something I can do to help them? My cat's head unvoluntary intermittently and is getting more pronounced all cat head shaking time.
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Is there a reason why my cat is shaking her head? | Express Yourself | Comment |

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Last week she did that and sneezed and blood came from her nose.

Is there a reason why my cat is shaking her head?

When a cat shakes her head frequently, it's a symptom of a medical issue that could be caused by a number of health conditions ranging from. Head shaking in cats. We look at the common causes of head shaking along with what to expect at the veterinarians and how the causes may. In addition to the wobbles, another common symptom of cerebellar hypoplasia is temporary head tremors, or the uncontrollable shaking of a cat's head (like a.
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This has happened once before and we cannot afford a vet, but she recovered, and amazingly enough became healthy. My cat has always had this thing where he has weird muscle contraction spasms when he is in a very relaxed state.

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My 2-yr old neutered male, Cody, also was diagnosed with IBD. I'm sorry that that is happening to Izaan. She started ,shaky movements and trembling. Any behavioural changes should be discussed with your Veterinarian as a change or adjustment to medication may be required. Could the Aspergillsis have spread to his brain and be causing this behaviour.
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I wondered if they had any additional informational about this or what a vet had to say? Honestly, I dont beleive that they can find the problem. I gave my daughter cat a bath yesterday and now she is twitching for some odd reason after I put her flea medicine on her then this is the same flea medicine that I used since she was a kitten fast acting Hartz ultraguard Plus flea and tick medicine spray she's not eating or drinking and I'm concerned I can't get into the Vet until tomorrow morning.
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Having said that, if your cat has one you are likely to see a lot of head shaking and scratching by the ears. Many cats will shake their head and scratch their ears attempting to remove the debris and fluid from the ear canal. Ear mites can cause several of these symptoms including. When a cat shakes her head frequently, it's a symptom of a medical issue that could be caused by a number of health conditions ranging from. Localized trembling or twitching in cats most commonly affects the head or hind legs. The muscle trembling could also be general, meaning it affects the entire.
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