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If you think you, or a friend or family member, would benefit from meeting a therapy cat, you can apply through Pet Partners to be matched with a therapy cat near you. Michigan State University, are cats service animals Cats can become emotional support animals. A miniature horse can be trained to guide the blind[14] to pull wheelchairs, or as support for persons with Parkinson's disease. Cats cannot become service animals are cats service animals the ADA.
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Therapy animals currently do not enjoy any special privileges, but they can receive training and certification through organizations such as the ASPCA. I only go out with my husband or daughter. In places of public accommodation in the United States, only dogs and in some cases miniature horses are legally considered service animals.

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Reason is no matter how great the article is or that it has the facts right, but your ads showing throughout it are for registry scam sites. I am allergic to dogs so even if a dog could assist me I can not be around one without having an allergic reaction. Archived from the original PDF on 24 December

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There are fine legal distinctions between service, therapy, and emotional support animals. Can cats get in where they fit in, or is it a dog's. Cats can make terrific emotional support animals and registering them as one is easy too. All it takes is some quick validation on US Service. Service animals are animals that have been trained to perform tasks that assist disabled people . Dogs, cats, dolphins, miniature horses, monkeys, ducks, ferrets, and parrots have all been trained to perform specific duties of a service animal.
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Cats can become emotional support animals.

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Even if you register therapy cat and carry proof with you, this will not give you any special accommodations. Cats can become emotional support animals. Animals in Service 1: But you might have noticed plenty of agencies online who promise to register your cat as an emotional support animal with just a short telephone interview, or even an online questionnaire and a fee, of course! A guide animal is an animal specifically trained to assist visually impaired persons to navigate in public.
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Proof that they help is not.
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In this article we chart the rise of the service cat, and finds out what it takes to become one of these remarkable animals. Including the difference. Shad was the first of five cats Audra has trained as service animals to help her live independently. Her current pair, Ragdolls named Deztinee. Service animals (we call them working dogs in my country) are mostly dogs. Dogs are very well suited to the required training, although very few actually pass .
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