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It would prob be more informative to be able to conduct a similar search using newspaper articles rather than books. Retrieved from " https: Views Read Edit View history. As a young child, the towering 20ft-tall in mostly incorrect erect pose monster I saw in the American Museum of Natural History went mainly by his ominous full first name Jurassic Park did name it.
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A few of them never even use the species name rex. Greg Paul uses it in Predatory Dinosaurs of the World , but this is a more technical book dealing with nomenclature and classification, where one would expect to find technical binomial abbreviations. In the most recent issue of Prehistoric Times , one article claims that the influence of the film Jurassic Park , released in , included popularizing terms like the name "raptor" for dromaeosaurs unquestionable as well as the abbreviation T.

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DinoGoss: Did Jurassic Park Name T. rex?

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Name list This page or section lists people that share the same given name. As a youngster in the '80s, I don't recall the term T.


Rex although not a popular baby's name it could come back into fashion. Rex is sometimes short for Reginald,as in Reginald “Rex” Harrison. Comments and insights on the name Rex: | Edit. my sons name is Rex. Its is a strong and quirky/classic name. People always think it stands out. I agree with the . I've recently taken to the name Rex. My husband I do honestly love Rex as a full name on its own. Some say I'm I do think it stands alone.
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As a youngster in the '80s, I don't recall the term T. What follows is a little bit of cursory research I've done to try and answer the question, but anybody with a better living memory of the early s should feel free to chime in with a comment that completely invalidates the rest of this post!

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Heinrich Mallison August 13, at 9: And then it hit me. Rex" with a capital R and a full stop, however, had an early burst of popularity between the mids and early '80s. It would prob be more informative to be able to conduct a similar search using newspaper articles rather than books. This idea at first seems very counter-intuitive. But, the JP hypothesis looks to be confirmed by the graph for the term "T.
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Josie Nemo September 8, at 3: Marko Bosscher August 13, at 8:
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Abbreviation of Tyrannosaurus Rex, the group's former name, cf. T. rex being the abbreviated form of Tyrannosaurus rex, the animal for which the group were. I think it works best with a longer, more mainstream middle name: Rex Rex Reginald (although Rex is also short for Reginald, so this one is redundant). The first part of the binomial, the genus name, is always written with an initial capital letter. In current usage, the second part is never written with an initial capital.
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