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Cat Always Meow to Go Out? But I notice that you said you "grab" her. Your kitty might just have different needs. I miss my last cat. Thank you so much and best regards from Germany:
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And when he stops, we know that he will NOT kick bite or scratch until the mitt comes out again. Cats enjoy rough play if they call the shots. Try some toys, but try to do something every day.

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Why Doesn't My Cat Like To Be Held? | Care2 Healthy Living

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Cats usually do not like to be held. I had a cat that loved to sit in m lap or sleep on my bed near me, but would only let anyone pet him 3 strokes. Pair treats with your touches and pick ups.

My Cat is not Cuddly, so What Can I Do?

For instance, if Millie doesn't like being stroked on her cheeks or doesn't like being touched or held gently on her lumbar area (the sides of her. It may be the cat's personality; however, you may well be able to change that to some extent. We adopted our cat when she was about two. Sure, many cats don't like to be held or cuddled. While I would never force myself on someone else's cat, with my own cats, well, a bit of forced cuddling over.
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This is an example of desensitizing her to being picked up.

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Elizabeth O 1 years ago. Many cats dislike being restrained. Begin where Millie feels comfortable and gradually acclimate her to touch. She has never shown any signs of having been ill-treated prior to our ownership of her. She is slightly overweight and is on a diet now, she purrs and sleeps a lot now.
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He had bordetella kennel cough antibiotics cleared it right up.
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Some cats just don't like when you pick them up or hold them in your arms, even if it's just for some loving snuggles. Here's why your cat might hate it. I have some thoughts of my own about why cats resist cuddling, and I asked my colleague to weigh in as well. It is a truth universally acknowledged: Many cats simply don't like being held. Growing up, my brothers and I always had cats. So we learned.
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