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Sale prices include all applicable offers. Their debut is a 32ft open style dual console version, the World Cat DC, from a lineup that includes 17 models between 2. Not all options listed available on pre-owned models. World cat 320dc AC to the cabin with a cockpit vent that blows cold air at the helmsman, a World cat 320dc deck refrigerator and w electric grill built into the mix and you start to see how this might be the true Swiss Army knife of family boats. Want the latest stories delivered straight to your inbox? The seat converts to a compact 1.
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Price - 117$

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World Cat DC Dual Console Base | Central Marine Service

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More than just two hulls, there is a lot of science behind the ride of the American-built World C

Review: World Cat 320 DC

The World Cat DC power catamaran has a versatile layout and features to suit everyone in the family. Its performance will get you quickly. The World Cat DC is different. It is not only a catamaran (two hulls) as opposed to a monohull, but it is a comfortable two-person overnighter, a day use boat. If you're looking for a comfortable, stable and family-ready offshore fishing boat then check out the World Cat DC. We've got the full review.
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Cuddles - Age: 21
Price - 65$

It could improve even more with additional hours on the clock and rpm gave the most economical cruise.

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The base lifts to reveal a giant locker with a slot for the swim ladder and space for an optional generator. Trailerboat reviews Product reviews Features. John Ford , Photography by: Want the latest stories delivered straight to your inbox? Construction is timber-free and involves bonding the hull, stringer grid and liner into a monocoque entity with strategic areas filled with foam to increase buoyancy and reduce noise. Forward seat storage drawer opens inboard.
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Midnight - Age: 22
Price - 58$

The DC offers it all — with style.
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WORLD CAT DC (7). WORLD CAT DC (8). WORLD CAT DC (9). WORLD CAT DC (1). WORLD CAT DC (10). This beautiful World Cat DC is off to its new home after having these custom Bow & Stern Rod Holder Shades made, they're a great addition for those in. World Cat CC-X Center Console Length 27'6''. World Cat CC World Cat DC Dual Console Length 29'1''. World Cat DC.
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