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At this stage, I wouldn't recommend Feliway. With mine, I kept her shut in a "safe" room where she couldn't harm herself for a week, then started leaving the door open when I was home for a few weeks, closing her in there new cat is scared night. What I think I'll do is just let her be in the bathroom for awhile. Free Shipping NEW by: I told myself she'd wander out eventually new cat is scared she was hungry or braver. Slow the introduction down.
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Wow, you've a bit of a mess.

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New cat is scared and hiding | Ask The Cat Doctor

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Either my lap or my other cat's.

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Read on to find out why your cat may be frightened and how you can from becoming too shy or scared when they encounter a new person. New cat is scared and hiding. by Deb (Ohio). I just got a 4 year old cat. She is really sweet -- that is if you can get her out of hiding. We got her yesterday, but all . It's hard watching her feeling so scared! "With a new cat one of the best things that you can do is put her in a small, confined space, like a.
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Your new cat just needs a bit of time before she feels secure in her new home. Unfortunately, I wasn't here to enforce that kind of thing and my mom is of the opinion that the cats should just work it out on their own terms. We decided to keep a look out for a suitable rescue companion, about the same age, neuter female, ideally black hardest to rehome.

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After a few days lots of places say a week, but I've never waited more than 3 days, just my cats' temperaments , let them out in the daytime when someone is home to break up any SERIOUS fights shouting, "HEY! She's definitely inside but I have no idea where. So I fling a blanket on her. Couple of hours before bed, I hear this unfamiliar meow come from the spare bedroom and I go to investigate. Decided to get a Feliway diffuser. Additionally, your new kitty has to not only adjust to her new surroundings, but she needs to adjust to living with you and your family.
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I would recommend you leave the cat alone. Positive reinforcement is best with cats, btw. After some fighting I manage to get her zipped up and out of the bedroom.
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Read on to find out why your cat may be frightened and how you can from becoming too shy or scared when they encounter a new person. If your cat is scared, chances are that you're a little scared, too. “A new cat needs to have everything separated from the cat whose territory he is being brought. For example, most cats will feel insecure or frightened in a new environment. Often, your cat will hide for a day or two when introduced to a new home.
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