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The top-entry litter box from Modkat was its first design, introduced before the flip-top version that we recommend above. Learn more about cookies including how to disable them. Everything we recommend Our pick. You do get slight upgrades in functionality—though mostly for you, not your cat. The top pivots in the middle so any tracked litter falls back inside, and the plastic is thicker and easier to clean than that of any other box we tried. Covered cat litter boxes Choose a language for shopping. Covered cat litter boxes Wirecutter editor told us that they tried to move a full box by the handle once, and though the handle held, the latches gave out under the strain.
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The Best Cat Litter Boxes for Reviews by Wirecutter | A New York Times Company

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With that in mind, we took careful consideration of five key aspects of boxes that would keep cats happy and healthy, with the least trouble from humans as possible. We use cookies and similar technologies to measure traffic, repeat visitors and site performance. That flap makes it a lot easier to clean than other enclosed boxes we tried whose whole hoods have to be unlatched and set aside, taking more time and space.

The Best Cat Litter Boxes

Catit Jumbo Hooded Cat Litter Pan - Warm Gray. Pet Mate Arm & Hammer Large Sifting Litter Pan · Most Wished For in CAT LITTER BOXES. #5. Petphabet Jumbo Litter Box - Ideal for Multiple Cats Households Even in A Studio average sized cats could all sit in cat boxes at the same time. 47 Items Cat litter boxes are as varied as cats and the people who love them. That's why we offer multi-use automatic litter box systems, traditional pans, hooded.
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Plan to pair this one with a litter mat to keep the mess down. At roughly 16 inches by 20 at the base of the interior, the Catit Jumbo was the biggest hooded box we tried, with a couple extra inches in every direction compared with a popular competitor. Shitting in boxes has always been a lucky phenomenon, if you ask me.

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No need to remove a giant cover and set it on the floor, or fuss with poorly made plastic latches. At this point, you have three trays spread out. Though we think the entry is low enough to allow easy access for most cats and still prevent them from peeing out the front, some reviewers thought it was too low because their cats tracked litter or managed to pee out the front, or conversely had a hard time getting in and out because it was too high. The rounded footprint means less internal space, and is harder to scoop compounded with extra internal ridges. The best-looking option, with a folding, magnetic lid and seamless sides for easy opening and cleaning. The low price is a bonus.
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But the lower sides make it easier for messes to spread, the higher entry is harder for less-agile cats to get in, and it was just a little harder to keep clean. If our top pick is unavailable, the Petmate box will do in a pinch for about the same price.
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When it comes to choosing a litter box for your cat, you may think a covered one is a good choice because it offers privacy for the cat and hides. Covered cat litter boxes are litter trays with a hood covering them to give your cat privacy & filters to minimize odours. We offer covered litter trays with doors. Luckily, the best covered cat litter boxes manage to keep it from becoming the only business people think of when they step foot in your home.
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