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Kittens who grow up isolated may be skittish scaredy-cats who will be cats with short legs problem being socialized in a home with other pets and children. Sightings of these Kitty Corgis go further back than the s though, to Europe and England. Lordosis and Pectum excavatum are obviously apparent in affected cats. Hochenedel and LaFrance believed they had a new breed on their hands. Cats with short legs Federation for Animal Welfare. Thinking that they might have a new breed, Hochenedel and LaFrance contacted Dr. The Munchkin comes in all coat colors and patterns.
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The name " munchkin " derives from writer L.

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Munchkin Cats: The Adorable Short Legged Cat Breed! | CertaPet

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Subscribe to our Newsletter! A cat only needs one copy of the gene to inherit short legs and to pass the trait along to its kittens.

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There's more to this short-legged cat than his small stature. Find out the controversies surrounding the Munchkin cat and how this breed came. Selective dwarfism is just what it sounds like: Breeders encourage the genetic mutation to create short-legged cats like the Munchkin and the. The Munchkin cat breed is known for being short-legged or midget cats. Learn all about this breed with Munchkin cat facts, history & more on petMD.
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The diminutive kitty stands a mere 5. Typically, they live from around 12 to 15 years.

Origin of the Munchkin Cat Breed

Pflueger's daughter named one of them Mushroom the Munchkin , and voila, a breed was born. Your vet and Breeder, as well as Cat Associations, should be a good place to start looking for the right Munchkin cat breeder. An adolescent munchkin kitten. It is recommended that you begin a routine of nail trimming, brushing, ear cleaning and teeth brushing at the kitten stage so that the adult Munchkin is already well accustomed to these intrusions. Longhaired varieties have long silky coats and are known as Munchkin Longhairs.
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The munchkin gene is autosomal dominant. These dwarfish looking kitties are also known as Magpies because they just cannot resist shiny objects.
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How short is short? Unusually short, or just on the short side? Because to some extent there can be some natural variance in traits. Take body shape, I have. Selective dwarfism is just what it sounds like: Breeders encourage the genetic mutation to create short-legged cats like the Munchkin and the. The Munchkin or Sausage Cat is a new breed of cat characterized by its very short legs, which are caused by a genetic mutation. Much controversy erupted over.
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