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My cat Loves this! Just leave it on the floor and let cat mice game find it. I think you should also do a string version on it, though. Haha still a great app My cat loves this! Heel erg bedankt voor dit leuke, gratis katten spelletje!
Lilo - Age: 20
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Thanks for such a great app! He was convinced something was in the room, really freaked him out! The term is derived from the hunting behavior of domestic cats , which often appear to "play" with prey by releasing it after capture.

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Mouse for Cats - free iPad/Android game for cats | Official WebSite

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The videos I have of my grand son and my cats playing it together are priceless. They will play for hours, and one of them will try to open my iPad cover to see if the mouse is out.

Mouse for Cats

Cat and Mouse Games is Chicago's source for family fun games, puzzles, and toys, located in the heart of the West Loop, and near downtown. Cat and mouse, often expressed as cat-and-mouse game, is an English- language idiom dating to that means "a contrived action involving constant pursuit. Definition of cat-and-mouse game in the Idioms Dictionary. cat-and-mouse game phrase. What does cat-and-mouse game expression mean? Definitions by the.
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Emma - Age: 27
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2D iOS and Android game for cats

He plays for around 15 minutes before getting tired which is way more than he plays with his other toys. Great tool to keep a cat entertained while you are busy! He sits and watches it for ages. I saw this one and figured why not? Needless to say that I am quadriplegic and I cannot physically put her down or spray her with water.
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Nemo - Age: 29
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Another cat of mine will just watch, facinated. Great game but make sure your device is in protection this game brings out the claws.
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Cat and Mouse Games is Chicago's source for family fun games, puzzles, and toys, located in the heart of the West Loop, and near downtown. Cat and Mouse. Grade Level: K Skills Developed: Locomotor and non- locomotor skills (running, chasing, fleeing, twisting, bending), spatial awareness, . Mouse Trap is about a large group of mice of unknown origin invaded your House. Being a Cat, it's time to stand and defend your home. Now Take control in .
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