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Dec 20, 9. Numerous diseases can cause cats to feel unusually hungry, thirsty, restless or irritable—any of which is likely to prompt cat howls after eating. Posting Quick Reply - Please Wait. Our current cat rarely meows, but has a whole repertoire of squeaks. Our last cat rarely shut up and would even call me to come scoop his litter box after he'd used it.
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Even though she had never had a litter she was calling her babies to eat, maybe yours is too. She then eats the mouse and howls like a werewolf or something, at such a decibel I've been reported to the RSPCA for cruelty. I will be more observant!

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Anyone else's cat yowl after eating? (food, hair, feed, healthy) - Cats - - City-Data Forum

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The cat may want to be stroked, played with or simply talked to.

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I have an 11 year old neutered male Flame Point Siamese cat who howls about 1 minute or so after eating. He continues howling for around 1 minute. I feed. Dec 18, I'm a relatively new cat owner and frequent reader of this forum. Let me just start by saying that her post-eating meow calls aren't in any way a. Jul 29, Our cat likes to eat downstairs, so we feed him down there. Sometimes when he's done, we can hear him yowling down there. He will come.
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If your cat meows at you for food, stop feeding her when she cries! But some cats meow more than their pet parents would like. By the way, try not to buy any food for your cat in the Supermarket.

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Your name or email address: This lasts four to ten days. Wellness, Wysong, Innova and a brand new all organic brand is the best. One sits on the counter, while the other sits next to the glass door with her face pressed up, looking in. Dec 19, 5. They may, however, cause her to become fearful of you. Posting Quick Reply - Please Wait.
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Just a quirk, we guess.
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Sep 6, We're all pretty familiar with our cats' everyday meows and other cat sounds, Upon further investigation, we'll typically see another cat who's. Dec 18, I'm a relatively new cat owner and frequent reader of this forum. Let me just start by saying that her post-eating meow calls aren't in any way a. May 15, Check out this article from Animal Planet and learn why cats howl more soon after eating, apparently forgetting that she's just finished a meal.
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