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In addition, they help Ragdoll cat rescue washington state cat owners who must give up their cats find appropriate homes for their Ragdolls. Thank you so much for visiting with our Ragdoll kittens. The three patterns are colorpoint, mitted, and bicolor with and without lynx. They do transport the cats, as well as foster and adopt. Rae Another Happy Customer. Just like kids in a classroom.
Freddie - Age: 21
Price - 125$

He is such a great companion, thank you for this lovely boy. Ragdolls are very nice cats, but as with all purebreds of any type, personalities vary by individual. While they are generally known as easy-going, we have had fairly unpleasant Ragdolls in this rescue, shy Ragdolls, hyper Ragdolls and those that were absolutely not suitable for children.

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Ragdoll – Specialty Purebred Cat Rescue

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The organization does not have a shelter; it relies solely on foster homes for their cats while they are waiting for adoption.

Our Ragdolls Are The Cat・・s Meow

We are a Small Home Ragdoll Cattery registered with The International Cat Association (TICA). International Cat Association (TICA) and located in the Seattle, Washington area. including those we adopted from the shelters over the years. champion bloodlines. Delivery is free to Seattle Washington, Portland Oregon, Idaho and Montana. Ragdoll Cats Are curious, intelligent, and sociable. Each individual We currently have Ragdoll kittens for adoption. Contact me for your. Mr. Herbie Sniggles, a Spokane Ragdoll cat was adopted! Here's how you can benefit by looking at adoption as an option to buying a Ragdoll for sale in.
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Alex - Age: 20
Price - 72$

Super affectionate and afraid of absolutely nothing. Please enjoy looking around and reading more about us and our cats. These sturdy cats have no extreme features and blend easily into the busy modern household.

Four Ragdoll Rescue Shelters

Being my first Ragdoll I had no ideal how beautiful he would be 3 years later! Our Ragdoll Kittens are raised underfoot in my home as part of the family. How could anyone resist having another…. They are cuddled and socialized from birth with our 2-legged as well as 4-legged family. They operate in both the US and Canada and do their best to classify the cats as true Ragdolls or as Ragdoll Wannabes if the cats are unregistered. This is where we learn the breed standard.
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Olivia - Age: 24
Price - 67$

They are located on the West coast, but will arrange transport from a home or shelter for the cat to a new foster or permanent home.
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The background about New Rose Ragdolls. registered, ragdoll cattery ran out of my house located in Vancouver, Washington. I have a strong passion for animals and the Ragdoll breed. The Sixth cat is my adorable rescue, Little Man . Rescuing a Ragdoll cat is a wonderful and less expensive option to give one of are a small organization, working mostly out of Oregon and Washington State. Our goal is to produce the perfect family companion in a Ragdoll cat! Relocating to Washington State brought about a need for a change in name only to Our kittens are individually assessed for adoption readiness, generally between.
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