Cats purr heals bones

I've read it on Wikipedia's article about purring in Frenchwhich I will paraphrase as follows: Felids cats purr even when they are not contented, but injured. Note the results for the google phrase, "using sound waves for healing". Cats recover cats purr heals bones from operations, and have certain types of complications less often than dogs, who don't purr. The study cats purr heals bones have to be entirely non-invasive. Most felid species produce a "purr-like" vocalization.
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No-one knows if

kitten meowing loud my cat disappeared

Why do cats purr? - Scientific American

Regardless of scientific proof or not, there is one thing about purring that many cat owners already know to be true:

The Healing Power of the Cat Purr

Research found that a cat's purr has the ability to heal tendons, muscles and bones. An accelerometer was also used to measure domestic cat purrs. that best promote bone growth/fracture healing [Chen et al., Zhong. Wai Ke. A recent article details how a cat's purr can be connected to improved bone density. Curiosity got to me and I decided to take a closer look.
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We have some studies that show vibrations may help some healing, we have a study that show cats purr, we have a ten-year-old wild conjecture that cats purr to help healing, and we have some appeals for money.

Can Cat Purrs Heal Broken Bones?

I wouldn't doubt that one's psychological disposition due to the presence of a beloved pet really could have an effect -- I just don't think there's anything particularly amazing about the "power of a purr" at this particular moment: Without Spirit, God you have no science. Dogs are limited to two per person, and just 25 human seats are sold per showing to leave room for the furry guests. I think there have been studies that petting a cat and presumably making it purr can reduce stress levels, and others that show that reduced stress levels help the body heal faster. This riddle has lead researchers to investigate how cats purr, which is also still under debate. A cat literally might be spacing out.
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Note the results for the google phrase, "using sound waves for healing".
Re. the claim that cat bones heal faster; I could find no such evidence in my searching. Every search phrase returns that site or a copy-cat of it. Good news for cat lovers! Snuggling up to your furry companion can actually be good for you. Because their purr vibrations are in the 20 to Hz range, they. Big cats that have the ability to purr produce the sound at a consistent frequency between 25 and Hertz. The upper range of a housecat is approximately.
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