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Is it potentially fatal? Took her to the ER they did blood work everything was good except ear infection. He is a very healthy cat with head down as a rule and runs around and is very affectionate. They will get some of their water directly out of the wet food. Can cats just have head tilts or is there something causing it? Has Symptoms Less Stamina. Add a comment to Mango's experience.
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Add a comment to Yang's experience. A further urine test called a urine protein creatinine ratio UPC helps distinguish diluted urine that is due to renal disease from other causes, such as behaviorally driven thirst.

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3 Ways to Know if Your Cat Has Kidney Issues - wikiHow

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Already had blood test,x-ray of body,sonogram of stomach. How does this happen??

Head Tilt in Cats

The way that she is holding her head with her chin tucked in near her Because your cat also shows signs of increased thirst and has had. Very late edit/update: So for anyone having the same behavior with their cat, I hope we don't have the same case but my cat was having. Your cat's head is very heavy compared to the rest of its body and requires a lot However, a blood test can help to narrow down the cause of your cat's health.
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I've been monitoring him for any visible deterioration and have some financial issues with veterinary care so I'm wondering if there is a major risk in not seeking it.

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Cats can have vestibular problems, ear infections, or neurologic disease that can cause those signs. My 2 year old persian cat is keeping her head tilt.. My cat sleeps like that and shes Without seeing Mike, I cannot comment on what might have happened to her or how badly she was injured - it would be best to have her examined by your veterinarian to see if there are any long lasting injuries that need to be treated. I would watch her until Monday morning, if there is no improvement you should visit your Veterinarian regardless of cost.
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Two of my cats do this actually, I suspect the older one may have taught the younger one.
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Cats' unique behavior includes bunting -- that odd way your cat head-butts you. The technical term is bunting and refers to the way a cat. Our tom cat ( years old) faced this situation a few days back, now he This gave chills down our spine as we love him a lot, couldn't think of. Very late edit/update: So for anyone having the same behavior with their cat, I hope we don't have the same case but my cat was having.
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