Where can i get a kitten

You'll find these groups in most states and others that are not location specific. Visit our adblocking instructions page. If you already have animals in your home, it may take awhile for them to get used to a new pet. It also has a specific forum devoted to pets, where you can scan listings. However, you can begin by asking your neighbors, friends and family to spread the word. This also includes the cost of health conditions your kitten could develop later in life. Finding the right match for you and your family will reduce where can i get a kitten numbers and improve the bond you share with your new cat.
Bella - Age: 33
Price - 151$

What to Expect When Adopting an Adult Cat Hill's Pet Understand how adopting an adult cat from a shelter is different than adopting a cat, and what to expect when you bring her home for the first time. While children may promise to feed, care, and clean up after the cat, you will certainly still have a role in teaching your children how to properly care for the kitten.

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Getting a kitten? The essential guide

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We rely on advertising to help fund our award-winning journalism. Your vet can also refer you to local rescue groups.

Buying a cat? Why you should adopt from us instead

Adopting a free kitten is admirable, but not so free as you may think. See a list of seven places to get free kittens, and learn about the hidden price tag. Thinking of buying a cat or kitten? We have many cats and kittens patiently waiting for a loving family to rehome them. Contact us today. Kittens have a way of turning up when you least expect them.
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Tabitha - Age: 31
Price - 144$

Do I have the patience to train a new kitten?

Tips for Finding Free Local Kittens

You might also want to contact them through their website and ask when their next free adoption event will be held. Related Pet Care Articles. Recycler is another site that has a varied array of offerings, among these are free kittens. Please refresh the page and retry. Many shelters charge a fee, but there are still some little-known free resources for finding local kittens in need of homes. Facebook Twitter Pinterest Instagram Youtube.
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Louie - Age: 34
Price - 83$

What kind of kitten should I get? Because bringing a kitten into your home is a huge obligation, there are several questions to consider before you make the leap:. You can teach your kitten to recognise its name by using it regularly while you play, and rewarding it with a small treat if it comes when called.
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Kittens have a way of turning up when you least expect them. Thinking of buying a cat or kitten? We have many cats and kittens patiently waiting for a loving family to rehome them. Contact us today. Search thousands of local kittens to buy from local rescues and shelters.
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