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Two- and three-dimensional image reconstruction may be rendered as a function of a common cat scan acronym and control system. Alternatively, you could imagine a world in which regular human doctors actually use real cats to cat scan acronym people. Find out tomorrow in Wonderopolis! The CAT scan data can be transmitted by modern computer-phone hookup to another hospital if, for example, a doctor needed to see the results of the CAT scan quickly. Sandbags are placed around him to insure that he lies motionless. Wonderopolis Sep 1,
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The CAT offers a number of improvements over the old method.

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What Is a CAT Scan? | Wonderopolis

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We never knew that CAT scans can see if you're sick. A computerized axial tomography CAT scan is a special type of X-ray used for viewing the internal organs of patients.

What Is a CAT Scan?

CT Scan Risks; CT Scan Preparation; During the Procedure; After the Procedure; When to Seek Medical Care; CT Scan (CAT Scan, Computerized Axial. CAT scan: Computerized axial tomography scan. CAT scanning is a painless X- ray test in which a computer generates cross-section views of a. CT scan: Computed tomography scan. Detailed images of internal organs are obtained by this type of sophisticated X-ray device. CT stands for computed.
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Two- and three-dimensional image reconstruction may be rendered as a function of a common software and control system. Even if you don't want to go into medicine one day, maybe you'll find that you foresee a future in building new technology for doctors to use down the road. Whereas regular X-rays can provide doctors with a two- dimensional view of a bone or other part of the body, CAT scans give doctors a much more detailed , three-dimensional view of what's going on inside your body.

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Thanks for sharing your connection to this Wonder, Scarlett. In this way, the x-ray image is projected into the computer from different angles. At one end of the pad is a circular structure that contains an array of x-ray tubes. Fluoroscopy Dental panoramic radiography X-ray motion analysis. Have fun and write down your thoughts about these wacky scenarios.
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It provides a quantification of size of the lesion, since functional imaging does not provide a precise anatomical estimate of its extent.
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See the differences between an MRI vs CAT Scan (also referred to as a CT Scan) . CT stands for “Computerized Tomography”, and CAT Scan stands for. CT or ct may refer to: Contents. 1 In arts and media; 2 Businesses and organizations; 3 Finance Central Trains (National Rail abbreviation), a former train operating company in the United Kingdom; Česká televize, the public television. CT scans were developed in and used before MRIs. CT, or CAT as they're pronounced, stands for "computerized axial tomography.
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