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I opened the can and in the food was a piece of blue plastic, luckily pro plan kitten food plastic was exposed so I saw it in time and did not feed the food to my cat. She was very healthy and playfully till after she licked the food 3 times. I went to the store and when I went to grab another bag I examined the outside good and it had cocoons on the seams of the bag. I am still roaming my house with a vacuum hose sucking these moths up that are flying around and the cats are helping with chasing and catching them. However, they still prescribed me meds just in case of certain things Concerned for my kitten's health pro plan kitten food.
Lulu - Age: 28
Price - 60$

They also use road kill and euthanized pets! Take it how you want but it happened and I am grateful. I started feeding my cats Pro Plan wet food 15 years ago.

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I was not able to get a full diagnosis as they could not figure out what was wrong. Kitten, adult and senior formulas: Pro Plan creates food with pet health as the primary goal, avoiding gimmicks and trends.

Purina Pro Plan Cat Food

All Cat Food & Kitten Food from Purina® Pro Plan®. Browse our products to find the best food for your cat. Purina Pro Plan pet food is trusted by professionals and crafted with pride to offer and help nourish her full potential with Purina® Pro Plan True Nature Kitten. pro-plan-focus-kitten-chicken-liver-entree-classic. Purina® Pro Plan® Wet Cat Food. Pro Plan® FOCUS Kitten Chicken & Liver Entrée Classic Wet Kitten Food.
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Juno - Age: 22
Price - 108$

The second week he started having a little diarrhea and then he started projectile vomiting a greenish-yellow bile for 3 days in a row until I finally took him to the vet. March 8, I have 3 indoor cats that I started feeding Purina Pro-Plan for sensitive stomachs, all 3 cats are vomiting every other day; I ordered this thru Amazon.

55 Purina Pro Plan Cat Food Consumer Reviews and Complaints

Color-coded for easy shopping: I have 3 indoor cats that I started feeding Purina Pro-Plan for sensitive stomachs, all 3 cats are vomiting every other day; I ordered this thru Amazon. We use intelligent software that helps us maintain the integrity of reviews. Either they both will not eat it or they both throw up after eating the same Fancy Feast food. Concerned for my kitten's health now. I will request refund from Amazon and somehow return food to be destroyed. My cat is a very healthy cat.
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Merlin - Age: 18
Price - 50$

If they are old do not feed them this stuff for a long while. Kitten food Chicken and Liver - We bought 2 cases of the product. Join our community to stay up-to-date with the latest reviews, recall notices, and brand recommendations.
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Purina Pro Plan Focus Chicken & Rice Formula Dry Kitten Food provides a precise balance of nutrients for proper growth and development. Complete nutrition. PRO PLAN Junior combines all essential nutrients – including vitamin C & D, DHA and colostrum – in a high protein diet for kittens. Helps support healthy vision. 87 Items Discover Purina® Pro Plan® cat food. Available in three formulas -- Savor®, Focus & Finesse™ -- to support your cat's lifestyle & nutritional needs.
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