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Have a look at the links below my basic cat school gear witcher 3 for the Witcher Gear diagram locations. Start off by traveling to the village of Blackbough. Tucked inside the corner of some ruins South West of Dragonslayers Grotto is the chest containing the complete set of Super Feline Armor diagrams. Cat School isn't necessarily better than Griffin. To find the vendor go to Gedyneith fast travel point on the main island of Skellege. I'd think Witcher would be top tier in cost compared. ElmDreamer Follow Forum Posts:
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This opens out into a series of caves, but we don't want to go through either of the metal doors, just stay in this large area. Once you gain access to the Putrid Grove in Novigrad , there is a vendor that sells the expanded inventory saddlebag in this zone. You will have to enter from the side because the main gate is locked.

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Feline / Cat School Gear - Quests - The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt Maps

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Inside is a broken doorway which you need to move using your Aard ability. I'd think Witcher would be top tier in cost compared. Nice, thanks, needed some info on this.

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Find all of the Cat School Gear in The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt. This page will show you the locations of all the Cat School Gear diagrams, including for the Enhanced, Superior and Mastercrafted versions. Before you get . Cat Armor Set guide for The Witcher 3 shows locations of Feline armor, swords and crossbow diagrams, their stats and materials for crafting.
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This set gives a bonus to Adrenaline Point gain. Superior Feline Silver Sword.

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I have two of them now, one Nekker warrior mutagen and one Warewolf mutagen. Mastercrafted Feline Steel Sword. Defeating them will trigger another cutscene where the ruins are reclaimed. Works on almost every enemy. There are three different saddlebags that respectively increase inventory capacity by 30, 70 and After this, you will get a new quest location in Novigrad — you will have to do some exploring around the hill to find the entrance into the cave. I'll get a Witcher sword, upgrade it, place runes in it, then find a blade in the field with lesser stats and no stones that is worth more.
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The chest itself is up on a ledge, behind some breakable rocks.
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Find all of the Cat School Gear in The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt. This symbol can be found at every Witcher gear diagram location; examining it will give you a 1 Normal Set; 2 Enhanced Set; 3 Superior Set; 4 Mastercraft Set . Cat School Gear - works best for those players who value the melee attacks instead of using signs - each element along with the swords gives attack bonus.
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