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Look for signs that your cat might really be sick. I think they are just trying to eff with my head. But there is a behavior some cats exhibit that gives their owners clues to the fact that all might not be right in Kitty Cat plays in litter box. My cats don't ingest it though, they leave it in my bed. Glad our cats are well past that phase. I need to figure out why he finds his litter box to be an cat plays in litter box play area and nip it in the bud. Luckily, I set the cages up with a small kitty condo, and a Ferret hammock.
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Litter Box Behavior | Community Concern For Cats

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Some will cover the litter by giving it a quick once-over with their paws.

YACatT: Kitten playing in litter box - what do I do?

I love my kitten Pua. But everytime I change her litter box she plays in it likes a sandbox and makes a huge mess! Is this just kitten behavior that. In only the last few days I have noticed my male siamese kitten just start using his litter box as a toy he will go in there when he does not have to. Not all cats do this, but many cat owners have noticed this habit and the ball of fluff is doing when it runs around after using the litter box.
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I would prefer clever cats that are able to use a flushing toilet. My ex's kitten was so picky about the litter that if it even smelled dirty, she'd spend an hour trying to cover up the bad smelling spot. Dec 15, Posts:

Marking Territory

If a cat is feeling threatened, it may avoid using a box in a location like this because they have no escape route and can not see their surroundings. Some miscellaneous points since we have strayed off the original topic: What kind of litter are you using? Smudge does that once in awhile when pooping They may repeat this several times before they are satisified. My cat was always playing in her litter PIe has a large covered Booda Box.
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For the indoor cat, that means you need to provide it with a litter box and litter. for a curious kitten that could hurt itself while trying to play with it when it moves. I love my kitten Pua. But everytime I change her litter box she plays in it likes a sandbox and makes a huge mess! Is this just kitten behavior that. So long as the litter box is kept clean, this behavior isn't unhealthy. Instead, it's just a bit dusty and dirty. If your cat is rolling around in a soiled litter box, contact.
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