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Amazingly, Alonso wasn't ejected. Their record seemed fraudulent before Thursday night, but after getting cat on field ravens game by one of the worst teams in the NFL, which had Ryan Mallett under center for more than half the game, the Fins' record seems like a damn accounting error. So he joined the rest of America in watching the rest of cat on field ravens game game on television, which probably hurt more than the hit he took to the temple. A thorough review of the NFL Rule Book revealed that there is, in fact, no rule against a cat playing football. Get fit like your favorite players. Suspension coming for him.
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Stray Cat Gains More Yards Than Dolphins in Beatdown by Ravens | Miami New Times

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Often rubs people the wrong way. Off-the-field behavior shows loyalty and pride; would likely be especially effective on home field.

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Ravens, Dolphins & A Cat: Feline Runs Onto Field In Baltimore of Thursday night's game between the Baltimore Ravens and Miami Dolphins. A cat ran onto the field of a Miami Dolphins and Baltimore Ravens game on Thursday night, and got more attention than the play. An attention-hungry cat gave Miami Dolphins fans a break from seeing their team get pummeled by the Baltimore Ravens when it streaked.
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Most vulnerable division champs. He was, however, a participant in an all-out melee afterward right in front of a very upset Ravens bench. As you can hear in the video above, commentator Tony Romo called the play perfectly -- yes, perfectly.

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Flacco didn't return to the game, but he wasn't needed. Don't have an account yet? Toss kiko for that. Tremendous vertical leap and consistently lands on feet to prevent injury. Recommended For You Video: Suspension coming for him. We're not doing "purr" puns here at The Checkdown.
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Late in the first half of the Fins' curb-stomping, Ravens quarterback Joe Flacco attempted an awkward half-slide that resulted in Dolphins linebacker Kiko Alonso nearly decapitating him.
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A cat raced onto the field at M&T Bank Stadium during the fourth quarter of Thursday night's NFL game between the Baltimore Ravens and the. The last play of the Baltimore Ravens game with the Miami Dolphins to the Ravens website, the it's not clear how the cat got into the stadium. Cat On Field At Ravens Game Ends Dolphins Tailspin - Baltimore, MD - A cat took to the field at M&T Bank Stadium in Baltimore during.
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