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Boots — Great for if your cat has some white feet. Pat and his companion Jess are inseparable and Jess goes everywhere with her favourite postie. Pudding — Named after delicious black pudding. Nyan — A throwback to the funny internet sensation that famous black cats Nyan Cat. Hades — He is another ruler of the underworld in ancient mythology. My Sad Cat A recent comedic twitter sensation, famous black cats sad cat is a new famous black cat.
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Blackberry — This adorable name is sweet like your cat. Sylvester — This is another black cartoon cat whose name you could use.

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Most Popular Black Cat Names Of

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Vortex — This means a dark hole. Chelsea — A surpassing number of cat owners name their dark cats with this one.

Best Black Cat Names – The Ultimate List (109 ideas!)

Top 8 Famous Black CatsWe have pulled together a list of our top 8 famous black cats. If you can think of any other cats that should make the list, let us know on. Looking for a good name for your new black or dark-colored cat? The Large List of Names for Black Cats . Famous Fictional Black Cats. Here at Animal Friends we've come up with our favourite famous black cats that might have appeared in some films we've watched or books we've read.
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Iron — You could give your cat a tough name like this.


Ghost — Another spooky name that is fitting for black cats. Turns out, the folklore behind a black cat varies from culture to culture. Boo — A funny little exclamation associated with the black cat holiday; Halloween. Onyx — A beautiful, shiny, black coloured stone. Orso — You could use the Russian name for bear to describe your cat. Bullet — Ideal for fast cats. Cinder — This fiery name is ideal for feisty cats.
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Storm — Named after the dark-skinned super hero.
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Pluto – This name represents both the ruler of the underworld and the name of the black cat in the famous Edgar Allan Poe story. Hades – He is. Welcome your new black cat into the family with these unique names for girls and boys, plus some great name ideas inspired by food and pop. Black cats have been paired with witchcraft and other spooky things since the Middle Ages, so gear up for Halloween—and celebrate National.
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