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This ensures that all documents are can you ship a cat and that payment deadlines are met. The dogs are flying separately from me, they are going with Lufthansa. Thank you for putting me at ease. The third line is the name of the person in charge that you are addressing this form to: Thanks see the English translation but maybe just me, it isnt clear what info is requested. A lot of intense reading for hours.
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Are the animals being inspected on arrival? Also, was there any pet-specific reason for flying into Bangkok first instead of into Chiang-Mai directly? Wow what an adventure.

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I am planning to relocate to Laos beginning of with 2 dogs and 3 cats. Are the animals being inspected on arrival? All DOGS are given potty breaks immediately after pickup from the quarantine station, crates that have been soiled will be cleaned as well.

Shipping a Cat to Thailand

Live animals will only be accepted for transportation when shipped by any UPS service that guarantees delivery the next day. Shipments must not be offered to. Get quotes from cat shipping services and save when you list your cat shipment on uShip, where shippers will compete for your business online. I recently moved from Colorado and at the time couldn't bring my cat but will be able to have her in Feb, can I ship her to.
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We have tried unsuccessfully to find someone to rent our lovely sea view house to cat-sit her while we are away mid April — mid Sept. Hi Chris and Angela!

Moving Cats to Hawaii & Quarantine Processing –

All dogs and cats must undergo the wait period, we can ensure this process and the timing is correct, but our clients are still required to wait the day period prior to entry to Hawaii. Thanks for such a detailed post. Information about the owner: Nice to know for the future! Hi Chris and Angela!
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Hope all is well! However, if the animal control officers notice that the cat is sickly when they look into the crate, they have the freedom to reject it.
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I recently moved from Colorado and at the time couldn't bring my cat but will be able to have her in Feb, can I ship her to. How to Ship a Cat. Your cat is part of the family. If you decide you need to ship your cat, it's a scary prospect. However, you do have options available to you. International cat shipping is our main field of expertise at Animal Airways and we are here to help you ship your cat safely to and from every international airport.
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