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Nepetalactone, one of catnip's volatile oils, enters the cat's nasal tissue, where it is believed to bind to protein receptors that stimulate sensory neurons. With domestic cats, N. Where to find catnip plant is a mosquito and fly repellent. Nepeta cataria Plant List: It has been used for centuries in herbal remedies and as a relaxing tea. Whitish hairs grow on the lower side.
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It is up to the reader to verify nutritional information and health benefits with qualified professionals for all edible plants listed in this web site. Repellency of a wax-based catnip-oil formulation against stable flies. In Rimando, Agnes M.

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Retrieved 7 April The plant is drought-tolerant and deer-resistant. This response lasts for about 10 minutes, after which the cat becomes temporarily immune to catnip's effects for roughly 30 minutes.

How Does Catnip Work Its Magic on Cats?

Catnip Plants. Nepeta cataria. If your cat was into herb gardening, Catnip would be on his or her list of 'must have' herb plants. Catnip is a vigorous, high yielding . Use as a treat for cats, who love to smell and rub against its leaves. Or, dry and sew into cat toys. Steep the dried leaves in boiling water to make a tea. Perennial . Enjoy a cup of hot lemony-mint flavored catnip tea while watching your cats frolic in a patch of this fragrant, attractive plant. Plants can also be grown indoors on.
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It does not like shade and grows best open area, hedgerows, waste ground, near streams and border areas of fields. Many people choose to cultivate catnip.

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It has been used for centuries in herbal remedies and as a relaxing tea. Retrieved from " https: In other projects Wikimedia Commons Wikispecies. Retrieved 6 October By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.
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Catnip is a whitish-gray plant with an aromatic minty odor.
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The plant terpenoid nepetalactone is the main chemical constituent of the essential oil of Nepeta cataria. Nepetalactone can be extracted. Find great deals on eBay for Catnip Plant in Herb Plants. Shop with confidence. Shop our selection of Catnip Plant, Herb Plants in the Outdoors Department at The Home Depot.
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