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This will also let you pass her small treats or a straw dipped in soft cheese, husky and cat butter, or liver paste, through the muzzle's holes to reward her good behavior around the kitten. Find a reputable Siberian Husky rescue who has started socializing the dog with cats and other small animals. Hispanic lawmakers head to border for answers in death of 7-year-old Jakelin Maquin. A correction should not take a lot of force if it is being done correctly. Huskies can be willful, obstinate, and quite stubborn. Bored Husky and cat works better on our iPhone app! Log In Don't have an account?
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Thank you for your help! Add a comment to Zoey's experience. Black conservatives to GOP:

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Defining Tasks There are many ways to help your Husky get along with your cat, but an important thing to remember is that prey drive is instinctual.

3 Huskies Become Best Friends With A Cat After Saving It From Dying

Tamaskan husky Raven was taken to a shelter to pick her own kitty to grow up with. husky-dog-picks-shelter-cat-friendship-raven-woodhouse-. Aaron said: "Does not get along well". Hold on tight, any small animal other than dogs are prey, although I had a husky that got along with a single cat but not the. The importance of keeping an eye on both your Husky and your cat cannot be stressed enough in these cases and your dog's success will heavily depend on.
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Cheetah Becomes Best Friends with Dog.

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Like us on Facebook for more stories like this: While you may be living in a dog-eat-dog society, your husky is most likely living in a dog-eat-cat world. Add a comment to Mona's experience. Let the rescue help you select a pup who shows potential to get along with cats. Like what you're reading? This can help prevent incidents from occurring. This behavior can easily put your cat in danger and should be addressed as soon as it is recognized in any dog, but Huskies especially require plenty of care and training to help catch this behavior early on and prevent an unfortunate incident.
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Look into how to properly fit and use a prong collar.
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Everything you want to know about Siberian Huskies, including grooming, a strong predatory streak and may consider small animals, including cats, prey. Aaron said: "Does not get along well". Hold on tight, any small animal other than dogs are prey, although I had a husky that got along with a single cat but not the. If your husky sees cats as the "purrfect" dessert, Fluffy is surely in trouble. While some huskies do learn to be cat-friendly, there is no sure way to ensure yours.
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