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Microchipping is very important. A-Z of cat breeds. Every home is different, and everyone has their own lifestyle. The environment from which you get your cat, its experiences and the care it received were to buy a cat can have a lasting effect on its health and behaviour. Introducing a young kitten to an adult cat also needs careful handling. You could take home an animal with all sorts of health problems. Biting and scratching is a natural part of boisterous kitten-play, even more so if she feels threatened.
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This cannot happen in a pet shop and is one of the reasons pet shops should be avoided. Start looking for your new feline friend today.

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Buying a cat? Why not adopt from us instead? Cats Protection

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A good way to find out about the 32 registered UK cat breeds is to use the Whiskas Breed Selector — an online tool designed to help match the right breed of cat to your own lifestyle.

Buying a cat? Why you should adopt from us instead

Why buy a cat when you can adopt and save a feline life! Look at pictures of thousands of local cats in rescues near you. Before you start looking, it's always a good idea to list the places where you can get a cat along with what types of cats you can purchase from. Thinking of buying a cat or kitten? We have many cats and kittens patiently waiting for a loving family to rehome them. Contact us today.
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How to look after a kitten. Is there any information about the health of that particular litter and the parents?

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It is always best to see a kitten with its mother in the place where it was bred. In countries such as the UK there is strong charity support for our animals, and thousands are rescued, saved and rehomed to a very high quality. If the breeder has a range of litter ages and even breeds to choose from, or has different rooms full of cats, then look elsewhere. If you adopt a kitten from us you can be sure that they're ready to go to a new home and are happy and healthy. Here we will look at the different places where you can get a cat and what to look for.
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Our Christmas video is a moving story which proves kindness lasts a lifetime.
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The UK is experiencing a cat crisis and our adoption centres are often full. Consider adopting a cat or kitten before buying a kitten from a breeder - you'll find that. You should never rush into buying a purebred cat. Let's talk about how to make an informed decision. When you're ready to adopt a new pet, it's important to do your research on the best places to buy a cat. From animal shelters and rescues to breeders and pet store, every option has advantages and disadvantages that need to line up with your own priorities. You can find all ages.
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