turkeys dead cat while later with turkeys dead cat video of the bizarre spectacle. David Scarpitti, a state wildlife biologist and turkey expert, said the behavior in the video was unlike anything he has ever seen before." />

Turkeys dead cat

Though mine were more wild type, at least in coloration. Turkeys can be pretty bad. And CGs are quite aggressive, and injure many people and turkeys dead cat each year. Probably not, but both first appeared close in time, Pepe inThe Ruum in Is this one of those times?
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Just a load of animals with pancakes because humans are weird. Probably not, but both first appeared close in time, Pepe in , The Ruum in This entry was written by whyevolutionistrue and posted on March 2, at 2:

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A bunch of turkeys circle a dead cat. WHY? « Why Evolution Is True

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You often see them walking in loose columns following one or two leaders. These turkeys trying to give this cat its 10th life pic. Either way, we can all agree it would be alarming — for turkeys and humans alike — if that cat sprang up.

Turkeys Circle Dead Cat in Bizarre Ritual

The video is unnerving. More than 15 turkeys walk in a circle — not running or distressed, but walking with intention — around a dead cat in the. Nature is full of mystery, but none are as compelling at this very moment than why these turkeys are circling a dead cat. As seen in a recently. In his video, about 20 plump turkeys are holding some sort of vigil by walking " They just look like they're alarmed by the dead animal—cat or.
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So, this probably rules out the chance that they were planning on eating the cat. This too seems possible to me. In that instance the coyote kept walking and the turkeys went back to their business.

One theory is they're stuck in a game of follow the leader.

This looks like a bunch of females, and the breeding season is nearing, especially with the early spring. Like Coyne I find this implausible. So, this probably rules out the chance that they were planning on eating the cat. This video is showing a quirky end result. Posted March 2, at 7: The fox stood its ground, never attacked, and quietly slipped back into the woods. The turkeys were attracted to the mirrors, of course.
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I imagine it would be quite discombobulating. This is not a joke. Posted March 2, at 2:
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This video of turkeys circling a dead cat went viral yesterday chapellesainteeugenie.com TheReal_JDavis/status/ and here's. Explore and share the best Turkeys Circling A Dead Cat GIFs and most popular animated GIFs here on GIPHY. Find Funny GIFs, Cute GIFs, Reaction GIFs and. Turkeys circling a dead cat (NPR via @TheReal_JDavis on Twitter) 15 turkeys circling a cat's corpse in the middle of a Massachusetts road.
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