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Views Read Edit View stimpy the cat. Stimpy's trademark facial expression is a blissfully ignorant smile with his tongue flopping out. Stimpy at the mercy of Adonis Male Damsel. Stimpy is also shown to own several cat toys, including a catnip mouse called Mousey and a litter box that he hails as his 'first material possession. Retrieved from " http:
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Indeed, in several episodes, he is shown taking on a motherly role or as the voice of reason, episodes such as " Son of Stimpy " in which Stimpy believes that his fart is a child named Stinky and he spends months outside waiting for him to return home or in " Ren's Bitter Half " in which he attempted to tell Ren's cloned halves, Evil Ren and Indifferent Ren, that they needed each other, as otherwise, they'd lose control and attempted to persuade Evil Ren out of replicating himself and creating an army. Kricfalusi originally voiced Ren in a manner that he describes as "a bad imitation of Peter Lorre.

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Ren is a scrawny, violently psychotic, emotionally unstable Chihuahua, and Stimpy is a fat, stupid, dimwitted, good-natured cat. Kricfalusi complained about Nickelodeon executives requesting that Ren have "a softer side". He also gave Ren one of his own teeth at the end of Ren's Toothache.

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Unlike Ren, he is shown to take more after his species.

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Who's Who in Animated Cartoons. Most of the time when he gets excited, he says his famous catchphrase, "Oh, joy! Kricfalusi created the characters during his stay in Sheridan College and they first appeared on film in the pilot episode "Big House Blues". Chihuahua Ren Cat Stimpy. Contents [ show ].
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From its start, there were hints at the characters' sexuality. As shown in "Stimpy's Big Day" Stimpy can barely write legibly. According to Ren in " Ren Needs Help!
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Stimpson J. Cat. He is voiced by Billy West in The Ren & Stimpy Show. In the spin-off series Adult Party Cartoon, Stimpy was voiced by Eric Bauza (who had worked on the series along with the originals). Stimpson J. Cat or Stimpy for short, is one of the two protagonists of The Ren& Stimpy Show. He is a fat, red and white, rotund cat, with a blue nose, purple. Stimpy: Stimpson J. Cat. Species, Chihuahua (Ren) Cat (Stimpy). Gender, Male. Family, Svën Höek (Ren's cousin). Ren and Stimpy, created by John Kricfalusi, are the title characters in the Nickelodeon.
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