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Secretary of Kittens for adoption nyc Elizabeth McCord is kittens for adoption nyc for a new position. However, I do get over it quickly especially when treats and chin rubs are involved. Friendly Huckleberry is quick to cuddle and play. Deloris was rescued by nuns outside of a monastery in Brooklyn really, we couldn't make this up with her newborn kittens Eddie and Sister Mary Clarence. Gentle and loving, Roosevelt wandered in and never left. We would like to adopt these brothers as a trio, but would consider adopting two as a pair as long as Johnny can be adopted with one of his brothers.
Magic - Age: 31
Price - 77$

Heidi is fine with other cats, but wouldn't mind being adopted on her own. Fill out an application to meet them at their foster home. Friendly Huckleberry is quick to cuddle and play.

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She is a bit of a spazz. Mabel of the tabby mold is a touch more hesitant but just as sweet. Macaroni must be adopted with another playful young kitten - please note that applications to adopt him as a single kitten will be ignored.

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Anjellicle Cats Rescue is a no-kill, all-volunteer, not-for-profit (c)(3) organization. We are a member of the Mayor's Alliance and a New Hope Partner. If your family is wishing for a pet, here are the best shelters and rescue organizations in NYC where you can adopt a dog or a cat. Adopt a Little New Yorker Today!®. Pet adoption is rewarding and life-changing. Looking back, you can't imagine your life any other way! Our New York City.
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Shadow - Age: 22
Price - 151$

Cherry were rescued from a neglectful hoarding situation and would love to find a home. BooBoo is a friendly, big, and fluffy boy who adores sunny windowsills and soft blankets.


Fill out an application to meet them in their foster home. Hillary needs to be adopted with a companion cat, if you don't have a cat at home, we can suggest a buddy for her. You can find her in her kitty hammock, trying to keep up with Max, or purring her way into your arms for pets. Pistachio is now spayed and looks forward to never giving birth to or nursing another kitten ever again! Both of them will fall asleep while snuggling each other on your lap. Majestic Jordan orange tabby with white paws is regal and chill but that doesn't stop him from always being the first to ask for a cuddle.
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Sami - Age: 21
Price - 58$

He doesn't mind being touched all over, but he is not yet comfortable with being picked up.
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Collaborating with animal shelters and pet rescue groups, our goal is to save and Save Them All. The Best Friends Pet Adoption Center in New York City. Rescuing and Rehoming Animals in Need in New York City. About» · Our Team · Newsletter · Financials · Contact · Foster or Adopt» Adoptable Pets. "We others, who have long lost the more subtle of the physical senses, have not even proper terms to express an animal's intercommunications with his.
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