Indoor cat fleas

Treating the Indoor cat fleas It's only natural you start flea treatments by addressing your cat. Insects in the City Berkeley Parents Network: Despite our best efforts, fleas can still enter the home, and thus, onto your cats. Religiously vacuumed carpet and furniture where the cat might have been in all rooms for two weeks after that. Even window screens are not complete guarantees.
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How Did My Indoor Cat Get Fleas?

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Just a few fleas and I'd assume you are doing pretty good.

How Can a Strictly Indoor Cat Get Fleas?

Why's your cat scratching himself like crazy? He's strictly an indoor pet -- there's no way he caught fleas, right? Wrong. Fleas are career hitchhikers. They sneak. No matter how much your cat scratches and bites himself, he probably won't cure his own flea infestation. You've got to get rid of his pesky, bloodsucking guests. If you have an indoor cat, you might not be using flea prevention, but that might be a mistake. Learn how indoor cats can get fleas.
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Fleas are easy to find if a cat is heavily infested. So even if your cat is strictly indoors, fleas can hitch a ride on your dog and come inside. Wash all bedding weekly, even if your cat gives you dirty looks and insists on thoroughly remarking everything.

Your Dog Brought Fleas In

Many require multiple applications across weeks or months. Fleas can cause disease, including anemia, and can foster tapeworms. Fleas can be a big problem for your furry family members, even for those who stay indoors. I don't flea bomb, vacuum, or any of that, because any live fleas are going to die as soon as they land on the cat. Repellents like colors can help, too, particularly if your cat regularly interacts with animals who've been outside.
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Cats are very efficient at removing debris from their coat's using their tongues and may succeed in removing all evidence of flea infestation such as adult fleas and flea dirt.
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Clients often tell us their cat is indoor only and so flea preventative is not necessary. The unfortunate truth is that fleas are sneaky and Seattle is the ideal climate. Our cat is mostly indoors. When I say mostly, it's because we have my boyfriend's dog who isn't allowed in the house (I'm allergic.) The dog is. However, your cat is an indoor-only cat, so you don't have anything to worry about, right? Well, not so fast. Indoor cats can get fleas (and other.
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