Cat losing control of back legs

She is the smallest and is 4 weeks old. My cat was kicked by a cow, and as a result has cat losing control of back legs cracked pelvis, major bruises and small lacerations on the rear left leg, and no pain sensation in the rear right leg. Now Ian paralyzed in front legs. Treated with sc B12 vit, steroids, and Tramadol at the moment. Cats that have any of these pre-existing health problems are at risk of suffering from aortic thromboembolism. Diabetes is no fun to deal with, whether you're a cat losing control of back legs or a cat. I would concentrate on keeping her hydrated more than eating but would recommend on returning to your Veterinarian for another check because of the pain that she is in.
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His front leg and hind leg in the left side was injured, he wasn't eat or drink at all. If you spot any of these symptoms, take your cat to a veterinarian immediately. What is most likely?

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Cat Can’t Use Its Back Legs? It’s a Medical Emergency

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His smell is not that good already, his back legs are twitching and he can't balance himself. The vet she seen said there was no chance of her ever walking again because one of her vertebrae were crushed.

What Causes Cats to Lose Control of Their Legs?

Back leg pain can take even the strongest kitties out of action for a bit. Whether your that area. Getting her diabetes under control usually takes care of the problem. hind legs. When that happens, your cat will likely constantly cry out in pain. cat's back legs have become weak . No longer able to fully control their steps, a certain level of staggering or clumsy walking is common. loss, and body weakness (legs) are the most common signs of feline kidney disease. Complete paralysis in cats involves the complete lack of ability to move legs, neck, tail or Partial paralysis is the lack of full control over the body which may occur as my cat rosemary has paralysis in her tail and lower back. she has been.
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I don't know if this sort of thing resolves itself ever or if any hope can be had that she'll improve? We took him to a different emergency room where they had a neurologist oncall.

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She would jump super high, climb up you pant leg, and attack anything that moved. He is still very happy and eats like crazy. Cats that have any of these pre-existing health problems are at risk of suffering from aortic thromboembolism. The outlook is slightly better for cats who were not completely paralyzed in both legs as a result of the blockage. In what's probably one of the scariest of the potential causes of your kitty's hind end weakness, a blood clot can exit your cat's heart and create a whole slew of problems by blocking the main arteries to her hind legs. Kitty will require daily insulin injections for the rest of his life. Earlier this morning the Momma cat Jo Jo she started displaying signs of weakness and just acting strangely.
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I hate to write this. He can raise his head and look at us when we pet him.
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While losing control of his legs constitutes a veterinary emergency, whether or not If your cat is fine one minute and suddenly dragging his hind legs the next, . Breathing Difficulty; Loud Breathing; Out of Breath; Separation Anxiety cats, so you will most likely hear screeching and notice the cats has lost control if its legs. The blockage prevents blood from traveling into the hind legs, so the cat will. Loss of Body Movement in Cats In some cases, the cat will not be able to move its legs at all (paralysis), and in other cases, there (tetraplegia), and in others, the cat may be able to control the movement in some of its legs but not all. with the front feet while dragging the rear legs; Possibly pain in the neck, spine or legs .
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