Cat eating fake christmas tree

If you place your tree in a high, smooth bucket your cats will probably not consider it worth the effort to attempt to climb up it. My cat ate tinsel off the Christmas tree and has thrown up 7 times. Share This Page Tweet. But since you know that he's been eating them you can budget and act accordingly. Not Helpful 18 Helpful Help answer questions Learn cat eating fake christmas tree. This will make the cat less tempted by the tree.
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Year after year, everytime we would take it out of the bag you could taste the bitterness in your mouth just being around it.

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Cat eating artificial Christmas tree? | Yahoo Answers

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Discussion in ' Cat Health ' started by jessdotdotdot , Dec 11, You could also add extra tape to the corners of your presents, so kitty won't tear the wrapping paper off as easily.

Cat eating artificial Christmas tree! Help!

Christmas is here and your cat's eyes are sure to light up if you bring home a Christmas tree strung with sparkly new toys – oops, sorry. My cats and I have an artificial tree this year, and it doesn't seem like He didn't seem to eat anything — he just liked rubbing his face all over. Artificial Trees: If your cat has a history of eating what they shouldn't, you should opt for a nice looking fake tree to keep them from eating fallen.
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Consider not decorating the tree initially. Dec 11, 1. Worked like a charm!!

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Much like citronella deters mosquitoes, Bitter Apple repels most cats. I don't think I'd want to try mint as a deterent. Blander, less shiny or flat matte objects which don't dangle much will have less allure for your cat. Very scary to have to go through that. AB Anne Blake Dec 8,
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Cat Discussion Forums Archive Top. Isabella Majchrzak Dec 24, Bradley could care less about the spray and still chewed on the tree.
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Keep a small spray bottle full of water near the tree. If your cats still go after the tree, a light spritz of water on their back and a stern "NO!" will get. My cats and I have an artificial tree this year, and it doesn't seem like He didn't seem to eat anything — he just liked rubbing his face all over. Live, cut Christmas trees can be deadly for cats. Pine needles can Fire retardants are sprayed on artificial and live trees and pose a potential danger. A study However, if eaten by a cat, it can cause intestinal blockage. A bitter apple.
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