What to do when your cat has kittens

What happens during a normal cat birth? At that age, kittens what to do when your cat has kittens eating on their own and going to the bathroom on their own, so they can be away from mom for a day while she gets fixed. The information provided here has been put together by experts in feline health, behaviour and welfare. Bringing up a litter of kittens — behavioural considerations. All about cats Getting a cat Caring for your cat Cat behaviour Cat health.
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Spring Cleaning Tips for Cat Lovers! Cats reach sexual maturity and thus are able to breed from around 4 months of age.

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Each kitten is born in a sac of amniotic fluid that the mother licks and nibbles to free the kitten.

My cat is having kittens

Last week we had one very pretty, very pregnant momma cat who decided to deliver her Do not use flea products on newborn kittens; it's not safe as they are too young. Check with your vet about the deworming and vaccination schedules. Helping Your Female Cat Give Birth and Care for Newborns (0 to 4 Weeks) disappointed if she has other ideas. to move the kittens, do it then. If the mother cat is around, you won't have to do much, but if she My friend's cat, Lynx, and her 3 kittens. | Source. Your cat just had kittens.
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See our information below for more information on caring for a litter of kittens and producing happy healthy kittens confident to go to new homes and give their new owners years of pleasure. If your cat appears to be straining unproductively for an hour or more during the birth, contact your vet immediately.


Handling the kittens will ensure they grow up very tame and social, which will make it easier for you to find great homes for them. Bringing up a litter of kittens — behavioural considerations. She was very tame as can be and easy to handle, so the first-time trapper who had brought momma cat in decided to foster the new happy family until the kittens are big enough to wean and adopt out. This long period of receptiveness gives the cat a chance to ovulate and to choose the best male; one which is healthy and in his prime. Everyone should also be dewormed for hookworms, roundworms and tapeworms, and also vaccinated. They will pick up the scent, sound and body language signals which the female is putting out and realise what is happening very much earlier than human owners. Just before the birth the female cat may become restless or meow or purr or pant or all or none of these things!
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Kittens are very fragile, and raising them can be difficult, time consuming, and it is not always successful. If you put mom and her babies open in a spare bedroom, she may move her kittens around the room repeatedly.
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Hence current advice to have your cat neutered around 4 months old to prevent Cats do not ovulate or release eggs into the fallopian tubes and into the horns . Helping Your Female Cat Give Birth and Care for Newborns (0 to 4 Weeks) disappointed if she has other ideas. to move the kittens, do it then. Ready to help your mother cat birth her kittens? The big day has arrived, so what do you need to do? This process is technically called.
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