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Be sure to take her to new kitten hiding and show them to her. Unfortunately, these spaces and ones like them can end up being dangerous and even fatal for him. Behavior of Kittens in a New Environment. Video of the Day. Your adoption fee includes any shots remaining in that series; bring Fluffy back to the adoption site to have those hustle cat hayes. The new environment can be overwhelming for your furbaby, so you'll need to allow him some time to adjust to it while you gain his trust. Put the new kitten hiding in a place where you can interact with new kitten hiding furbaby and keep an eye on him, such as next to you on the couch or in your bedroom at night.
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Soon your little guy will learn to trust you. Upon coming home, your little furry buddy will possibly hide for a few days before approaching you, according to the San Diego Humane Society and SPCA. Letting the Kitty Explore Fluffy will show her trust by coming to you voluntarily.

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Bringing Home A New Kitty | Community Concern For Cats

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Your little one doesn't want to be caught unaware by a potential predator -- this is part of his instinctual behavior -- so he'll seek out a snug spot, like the inside of a drawer or under the bed, to lie low. For Shy Kitties or Baby Kittens: Kittens hide everywhere -- even inside bags.

Bringing Home A New Kitty

We picked up our new kitten is confined to the kitchen with food, bed, litter tray and a couple of toys. Guess that defeats the effort of hiding though. Once you bring home a newly adopted kitten, you may find that he tends to disappear and hide in some remote spots. The new environment can be. Upon bringing your new little furball home, you might notice that he immediately heads for a place to hide, such as under the bed or in a closet. Hiding is normal.
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The small room will make her feel secure, while she gets used to the smells, sounds and people of this strange new world.


Photo Credits hiding image by katja kodba from Fotolia. Too abrupt change can cause digestive problems or diarrhea. Human hands and fingers will also appeal to Fluffy as toys. There are sticky tapes and other deterrents available at pet stores. Open the safe room door, and let her move walk around where she wants. Brought to you by Cuteness. A wide variety is available at pet stores.
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Drop a heavy book or magazine near her, or shake a can of pebbles or coins at her when she scratches; cats dislike loud noises. A bored kitten will tend to hide and sleep more than usual because there's nothing for him to do.
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Have you or are you thinking of adopting a new cat? Discover some tips for the first A kitten can easily slither into one of these. You won't want firemen in the. We picked up our new kitten is confined to the kitchen with food, bed, litter tray and a couple of toys. Guess that defeats the effort of hiding though. Bringing Home a New Cat or Kitten. General Tips; How It is much easier to interact with a cat hiding in a box than a cat hiding under a bed. Help your new cat.
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