How to pick a cat from a shelter

As people sat listening to my talk on the origins of the how to pick a cat from a shelter cat and pedigreed breeds, I picked up a long feather to play with a very happy cat. Kittens often require more upfront time commitment because they must be trained to use a litter box, not scratch on furniture, etc. Make sure that the kitten has not been socialized to consider fingers and toes as toys. That very much depends on how well socialized the kitten is. Then take the cat, with a towel or something familiar, to the "get acquainted" area.
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He must have thought it was a snake or other creature and suddenly became fixated. I don't know the breed and I really want one.

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Handling Shelter Cats and Assessing Their Behavior

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He turned toward me, "freaked out," and tried to run away, wildly thrashing on the table as I focused on keeping him there.

Handling Shelter Cats and Assessing Their Behavior

With patience and education, and awareness about your own situation and your preferences, you can hopefully choose a cat who will work. Like life itself, there are many factors involved in choosing a cat, some of We are partial to humane shelters and cat rescue organizations. If you've been looking to add a feline friend to your family, congrats! June is Adopt a Shelter Cat Month, and shelters across the country are.
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Black cats being scary, unlucky or mean is simply a myth. The cats' behavior is then more of a negative reaction to perceived danger. Do you already have other pets?

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Vet exams can be frightening to even many social cats and definitely could skew any assessment. Be aware that employees at pet stores may love animals, but they rarely have the same level of knowledge about the cats that the people who work with animal shelters or rescue groups do. Not Helpful 3 Helpful How can enhanced shelter handling help cats be on their best behavior for a potential adopter? Here are some questions to ask yourself: Featured Articles Getting a Cat. They may recommend that you adopt a pair of cats, particularly if you find siblings.
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Tell us more about it? An adjoining holding area or cat carriers must be present to allow for good, regular cleaning.
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Other shelters give you a chance to look the cats over and visit with them first, then help you choose the one cat who's right for you. A. My concern is that some assessments of cats in shelters are done without . at shelters and purposefully ask the staff to pick cats that either hiss and spit. It's ironic, all right. The biggest gathering of cats who need homes is in shelters, where they are displayed to their least advantage. Consigned.
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