cat-ra in the muscles and joints, mouth ulcers, dribbling, sneezing, loss of voice and fever. Cat flu is not usually serious in adult cats, although they can be quite ill." />

How to help a cat with a cold

LH Lily Hall Dec 19, Cats - cat flu. Chronic upper respiratory infections require additional tests, such as radiographs to evaluate the lungs and sinuses, cultures of cells, and microscopic evaluation of discharge. If your cat's cold doesn't clear up within a week, or if your cat isn't drinking or eating, take it to the vet as soon as possible. Cat flu is like a human cold — it can cause a runny nose and eyes, and a sore throat. More from Blue Cross.
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MB Mamie Black May 8, Use a humidifier, if you have one, or confine your cat to a steamy bathroom a few times a day for 10 to 15 minutes at a time.

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Cat Flu | Symptoms, Causes, and Treatment | Blue Cross

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I let him out for 8 hours. Once infected, cats shed virus particles in nasal and eye discharges and in saliva.

Feline Upper Respiratory Infection

Due to the cold it will struggle to notice smells How to help my cat to overcome a cold. Cat flu is like a human cold – it can cause a runny nose and eyes, and Antibiotics may help because, just as in human flu, once the virus has. If your cat has a stuffy head and is snorting or coughing, steam will help just as it does for you when you have a cold. Heat some water till it's.
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The kittens either get flu or become symptom-free carriers. Then have your cat stay in the area, best if accompanied by you, for a few minutes maximum 15 minutes breathing the steam. A Anonymous Jun 6,

Symptoms of a cold in cats

More success stories All success stories Hide success stories. Diagnosis of cat flu may be made by taking swabs and looking for the virus but, in most pet cats, this is not necessary as there is no specific treatment. Vitamin C may not be right for all pets. Did this article help you? By continuing to use our site, you agree to our cookie policy.
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You should also encourage your cat to eat by warming up its food in the microwave or adding treats to its food to make it taste better.
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MANHATTAN -- Most people know that asking a physician for antibiotics to treat the common cold won't do any good, but many of them ask. Like us humans, cats can catch a nasty cold from time to time. However, if you fail to treat your cat correctly, they can develop pneumonia. Here are some home remedies for cats with colds to help them get back to feeling their Cats seek relief from most of the same cat cold symptoms as we do.
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