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Get the latest inspiring stories via our awesome iOS app! Wide eyed cat, the other lens detached as well. For now, Matilda's family can only watch and wait, hoping an answer will emerge about her condition and what can be done to ensure she stays healthy. AnnaMockler 2 years ago image2-png. IevaNight'ed wide eyed cat years ago sister! Subscribe to our top stories Subscribe.
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Share on Facebook Pin it. For now, Matilda's family can only watch and wait, hoping an answer will emerge about her condition and what can be done to ensure she stays healthy.

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Mystery Surrounds Cat With Really Enormous Eyes - The Dodo

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Topics page , big-eyed kitten , black cat , cat big eyes , cute black cat , cute cat , cute pet , fluffy cute black cat , fluffy cute cat , fluffy cute pet , furry black cat , Gimo cat , Gimo the cat , kitten , pet , pet photo. Her family says that as Matilda's eyes have slowly gotten bigger since the lens detachment diagnosis, but the reason why isn't known. Subscribe to our top stories.

Meet Gimo, The Cat With The Biggest Eyes Ever

Meet Matilda, a very sweet cat with very, very big eyes. The 2-year-old tabby has a mysterious ocular condition that's caused her eyes to grow. A lovably gremlin-like cat went viral, thanks to a hilarious video by Michael With his flat face, wide set bug eyes, and adorable underbite. Rescue Cat Has Hilarious Wide-Eyed Expression After Scan An adorable rescue cat called Ulla made the most endearing face after a.
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IevaNight'ed 2 years ago sister!

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Login Forgot your password? Email Send Have an account? Check out her work here: Until the day comes when the family has a better sense of Matilda's long-term health outlook, they're making the most of all the attention her unique look has brought her - gushing like any proud pet owner would: IevaNight'ed 2 years ago sister!
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Many of us cat lovers think that we really know our cats well enough. But by taking the time, we can actually communicate with them on a whole. Yes, it's true: wide cat pupils can mean both excitement and fear, so you'll have to suss out the meaning of your cat's wide eyes by looking at. Find cat with big eyes Stock Images in HD and millions of other royalty-free stock photos, illustrations, and vectors in the Shutterstock collection. Thousands of.
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