How to cat proof your christmas tree

Aspirin is often added to tree water. Cats have been known to give themselves a nasty shock by chewing through the wires of fairy lights. Placing your tree too close to a hearth or a couch art provides a perfect launch point for a pet to jump directly into a tree and tip it over. Hans 1 year ago Wow Hans 1 year ago This is cute actually. These can cause intestinal blockages which are very serious.
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A Anonymous Dec 15, Cats do not walk on pine cones!

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10 easy steps on how to cat proof your Christmas tree

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Please enter email address We will not spam you. Doing so will only encourage the cat to see the glittery items as toys and things to swat any time it pleases.

The ultimate guide to cat-proofing your Christmas tree

Keeping your moggie away from the baubles can be a challenge. Here are some tips to help keep your Christmas decorations cat-safe. How to Cat Proof Your Christmas Tree. Is your cat smitten by your Christmas tree – so intrigued that she clambers onto it, knocking needles, decorations, and. Keeping your decorated tree safe and sound until the gifts come is an easy task if you live in a pet-less household, but if you're an owner to an evil cat named Mr.
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Plug the tree lights into a short indoor extension cord and tape the plug into the socket with electrical tape.

1. Choose the right tree that cats won't knock over (that may mean artificial)

What would Christmas be without the beloved and highly ornate Evergreen tree? Do not leave any wires dangling — wrap wire around the base of the tree rather than having it dangling anywhere. If there are tempting shelves or furniture pieces to act as launchpads for kitty, she's very likely to avail herself of them and jump onto the tree. We always have the some trouble haha, ended up putting tinsel on a cat tree rather to give her something else to bother with. What should I do? These can cause intestinal blockages which are very serious. But we knew better, never put it up while kitties were living.
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Choose the right decorations that are cat-proof Having a cat doesn't mean that you can no longer use those vintage, glass blown ornaments, but you may want to think about where they are on the tree. Use a screw and thin wire, so you won't be able to see it. Things can go wrong all too easily with a quick swipe of the paw and the resulting flames.
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We have to hand it to them don't we, there's nothing shy about a cat. They literally get into everything and at Christmas well all those baubles, tinsel, wrapping. It's for this reason we've prepared the ultimate guide to a cat proof Christmas tree. For more information on potential dangers for cats over the. In other words, some cats see a Christmas tree as the ultimate cat toy. Look what Santa Cat-proof your Christmas tree ornaments. A kitten.
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