Cat reaction to vaccine

Is it possible that the seizures are a reaction to the vaccine? They think he is 7 years old and I know no previous about him except we have been taking care of him for almost a year but he dtayed outside, til know when were able to take him to the clinic to be checked. That tends to be an individual response, and I can't see that being a factor in choosing your breeding male. Related Questions Are distemper vaccines safe for cats? However, cat reaction to vaccine to the risks of not vaccinating cats and dogs, the risks cat reaction to vaccine with vaccinations are very small in comparison. Local reactions following vaccination include pain, erythema, swelling, irritation, and abscess formation.
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If he is not eating, or seems lethargic, it would be best to have him seen at a 24 hour clinic today, as they will be able to diagnose him and make him feel better.

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Avoiding Vaccine Reactions in Dogs and Cats - WSAVA Congress - VIN

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This is definitely not a typical reaction to vaccines, and certainly nothing that your veterinarian could have foreseen. Feline Analgesia in I wish I had done my research as have now found out that tumours can occur and asking for it to be administered in the leg is much better.

Adverse Reactions to Vaccinations in Cats

Allergic reaction to vaccines in cats is very rare, but if your feline has a history of vaccine hypersensitivity talk to your veterinarian. The next time the vaccine is. Always inform your veterinarian if your pet has had prior reactions to any vaccine or medication. If in doubt, wait for minutes following vaccination before. Find out what the risks and possible adverse reactions associated with vaccinations in cats are. This and much more at
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What classifies as "breathing difficulty"? And how often do I need to give her anti- rabies vaccines.

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Once home, the cat should be kept under observation for several additional hours. Sometimes the immune system overreacts, causing an allergic reaction to vaccines in the feline. Ruby had her annual vaccinations on Wednesday morning, it is now Friday evening. Add a comment to Marble's experience. Hypertension and Renal Function.
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What should I do? He did come out to eat some Temptations snack bites, i also just put his food and water under the bed edge.
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There are many different types of reactions that cats can have with any type of vaccine. The number of cats that have reactions can be difficult to obtain because . There are many different types of reactions that cats can have with any type of vaccine. The number of cats that have reactions can be difficult to obtain because . If you are viewing this article, it is quite likely that your dog or cat recently received it's booster vaccinations and that they did not go well. Your dog and cat .
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