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Remember that cats and dogs are not only different species, but they're best cats for pets within each of their species and some of these generalities might not apply to individual pets. It may only take showing them where the box is one time. Learn more about the shelters and how you can help. Developed in the s in California, the Ragdoll has beautiful blue eyes and an eager-to-please attitude. Cats use the litter box instinctively.
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While a cat's independent nature generally helps them deal better than dogs with being left alone, it's important to remember that all cats are different. The Burmese is soft-spoken but persistent, and never fails to communicate the desire for plenty of gentle stroking.

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Cats can be quite affectionate and attentive, but only up to a point. If you've had dogs and are looking to get a cat for the first time, he may be the right choice for you.


If you're thinking of creating a multi-pet household to please both the dog and We've compiled a list of some of the best dog-friendly cats for you (and Fido) to. her taste and lifestyle. Here are the top 10 cat breeds. In fact, these cats play well with other pets and are kid-friendly. With an average adult. All cats are different, and although breeds have their specific personality traits there of work and they won't shy away from strangers, other cats, or other household pets. Ragdoll cats are certainly a top contender for the friendliest breed.
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Factors such as genetics, breed, breed temperament, and the animal's history all play a part as to how friendly, sociable, and teachable he will be. Trainable Level of ease in learning something new and a willingness to try new things. Dogs Cats Cats and Dogs None.


Dogs Cats Cats and Dogs None. People who come to know the often snuggly, affectionate Sphynx soon fall under the spell of this bald, but beautiful cat. It may only take showing them where the box is one time. Cats Are Lone Hunters By contrast, with the exception of lions, most cats in the wild are solitary nocturnal hunters. Shedding Level Amount and frequency of dog hair shedding. The Ragdoll may be your match.
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With its slender but sturdy whippet-like body, big bat ears and textured curly coat, this unique-looking breed dates to the s in Cornwall, England, an accidental mutation that inspired deliberate breeding for those soft curls. Likely the oldest cat breed native to America, the Maine Coon has a reputation as a social, friendly feline and can be a great travel buddy.
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Which is the cutest cat breed? Check out our list of the cutest cat breeds and see which might make a good pet for you. her taste and lifestyle. Here are the top 10 cat breeds. In fact, these cats play well with other pets and are kid-friendly. With an average adult. She told Pet MD that the following nine cat breeds are more likely "to go out of their way Tonkinese cats are one of the most social cat breeds, and make good .
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