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It is unlawful for any person owning or being in charge of any cows, swine, sheep, horses, mules, goats or any chickens, ducks, geese, turkeys, or other domestic fowl, cattle, or livestock knowingly or negligently to permit any of them to run at large in any street, alley, or unenclosed lot within the corporate limits. To report a violation or problem animalyou need to call Fines for Animal Control Violations. A temporary puppy license is required for dogs under six months of age. This could change in the near future with the Edmonds City Council considering an ordinance change. In addition, crochet cat ear person walking any animal must have a bag, scoop, or other device to remove feces for eventual disposal of washington animal control waste. When animals or fowl are kept within the corporate limits, the building, structure, washington animal control, pen or enclosure in which they are kept shall be at all times washington animal control a clean and sanitary condition so that it will create no stench or cause annoyance or discomfort to the people of town.
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New dog licenses go on sale November 1st for the coming year. It shall be unlawful for any person to own or keep any dog known to be vicious or dangerous unless such dog is so confined within a building or secure enclosure, or otherwise securely restrained through muzzle or cage as to reasonably provide for the protection of other animals or persons. You can also call if you need an officer to immediately respond to your neighborhood.

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Animal Control - Town of Washington

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To report a violation or problem animal , you need to call If you have a question not answered below, or need further information, please contact one of our Animal Control Officers between 8am and 6pm at , or email animalcontrol edmondswa.

Animal Welfare Services and Shelter

Animal Control Shelter & Adoption Fees Animal Control Free Roaming Cats Policies. animal control. Welcome to Washington Animal Control Department!. Office Hours: Monday, Wednesday and Friday AM – PM Tuesday and Thursday AM – PM Saturday AM – Noon Closed Sundays. Pierce County Animal Control's service area is limited. Most cities provide their own Animal Control Services. We serve unincorporated Pierce County, the towns .
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Vicious Dogs to be Securely Restrained. You can contact them at to inquire about adoption. Can unclaimed animals be adopted?

Animal Control and Parking Enforcement

An Animal Control Officer must view leash and scoop law violations for animals running at large in order to take immediate enforcement action. Dog licenses are mandatory for residents in the City of Edmonds. Jonesborough tries to balance its rural roots with the current reality that when a number of people live close together, individuals have the right not to be negatively impacted by their neighbors. Our dispatch service will enter your call and advise our Animal Control Officers. Vicious Dogs to be Securely Restrained. This could change in the near future with the Edmonds City Council considering an ordinance change. Officers must prioritize calls for service from the center based on public safety for both people and animals.
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You can also check with PAWS to find out if your animal is at one of their facilities. The officer will patrol the neighborhood as soon as possible in an attempt to impound the animal.
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The City of West Richland provides its own animal control services. Animal Control, part of the Police Department, is responsible for enforcing all City regulations. Regional Animal Services of King County provides pet licensing services to Kenmore. A King County pet license includes many benefits such. Animal Control. Animal Services is here to protect the people and the pets of Washington County. Last year, we responded to over 6, calls on all sorts of.
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