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One of many Maine Red tabby maine coon traits that makes people fall in love with this breed is that they are just great big floofy furballs! We love her dearly she is a 2 year old love muffin and extremely smart. In this way, choosing a sizeable name for your sizeable red tabby maine coon just makes good breed sense! Augusta has been the capital of Maine since Search by image Oops! These great names evoke the beautiful, luxurious fur that makes the Maine Coon so memorable! Please send me product announcements, helpful advice, and special promotions.
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Red tabby maine coon kitten. Orange little cat laying on cat house. - Image

NOTE: The silver coat in a solid colored Maine Coon is referred to as smoke. In a tabby cat, it's referred to as silver. Black Smoke [ns]; Blue Smoke [as]; Red. These are all color words to describe the Ginger Maine Coon cat. The classic Red Tabby with White below has the beautiful ginger colored. One of the brightest of the Maine Coon cat colors is the Red Maine Coon Cat. Here is a close look at this beautiful and vibrant color. Whether it's a Red Tabby.
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These cats have won just about every size-related contest there is, from biggest to best to longest to heaviest.

Naming Your Maine Coon Cat

Famous Maine Coon Cat Names Descended from royalty or at least a now-extinct Viking feline breed , it is no wonder Maine Coon cats seem to naturally attract the spotlight! Please try again later. Start Here No thanks. How can you not love a feline that looks like a fluffy magic carpet as she glides by? Perhaps it is just you who will be choosing a unique name for Maine Coon female cats or male cats.
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Pierce, the first writer to describe the Maine Coon breed. Bob Cat the wild cat Maine Coons resemble. How can you not love a feline that looks like a fluffy magic carpet as she glides by?
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Maine Coon Red Tabby Cat, Portrait Photographic Print by Adriano Bacchella - at Choose from over Posters & Art Prints. Value Framing. Search for adoptable pets at shelters and rescues, and adopt your new Orange Or Red Tabby Female Maine Coon. GC, BW, NW Maine Lvrs Phoenix of Abizaq Red Tabby and White, Male Breeder: Michelle Chaffee-Anne Jones Owner: M-N. Auspitz-T-B. Feininger. 2nd Best Of.
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