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Make cat costumes it All Together Pair with a black shirt, black pants or leggingsblack shoes. Leather shoelaces and a bit of brown felt are all HGTV fan samiam needed to dress her two pups up like the furry Ewoks of Star Wars fame. RaeAnn Kaetterhenry September 27, at 1: Cut a piece of felt the shape of a cat ear. Email Address First Name.
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Cut out the tail by folding the finished edge of the fabric over three inches.

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do it yourself divas: DIY: Black Cat Costume

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I was at work when I had my costume idea.

13 simple ways to transform your cat costume from basic to purrr-fect

Oct 25, With just a few simple steps, kids and adults alike can learn how to make an easy DIY cat costume. Easy Grumpy Cat vs. Nyan Cat Costume for Couples. My girlfriend and I wanted to try and do a couples costume that we were sure Read More. How to Make a Realistic Tail for a Cat Costume. A cat costume is easy to put together from tights and leotards. Ears are basically triangles of felt, so they aren't a.
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Keep going, pushing balls of stuffing tightly as you go until the entire tail is stuffed.

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If sewing by hand, go over it twice or more times to be sure it is secure. You are Puss in Boots. Buy tulle on a roll, available at any fabric store, cut a price of cardboard twice the length you want the tutu cardboard that fabric is sold on is perfect size for a tutu this length and free at the fabric store wrap the tulle around the cardboard length wise. Using a pliers turn each of the raw ends of the wire back and tape over the loop that is formed with a 4" piece of duct tape. You are now a crazy cat lady.
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Pair with a black shirt, black pants or leggings , black shoes.
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These DIY cat Halloween costumes for girls and boys couldn't be easier to make. Simply gather a few pieces (cat ears, a cat tail, and cat. These easy DIY cat ears, cat tails and cat costumes will make Halloween a snap!. So, you want to be a cat for Halloween? Well, I believe you might be in luck — as I, friends, am an expert on easy cat Halloween costumes.
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