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The important thing is to ensure that the animals will not harm one another if left alone. You want your dog to associate his good behavior in this case, not chasing the cat with the sound of your clicker. It's important that dog chases cat not give your dog the treat used when you say "leave it," as this will only teach your dog that he will eventually get whatever you tell him to leave. A trainer holds the clicker in the palm of her hand and rapidly presses the button, causing a clicking dog chases cat, and the dog becomes conditioned to hearing a clicker every time he does something good. Though it will take many sessions, a certified specialist with education and training in animal behavior will be able to determine what is driving your dog to chase the dog chases cat, and what can be done to break him of that habit. Another important aspect is that just because dog chases cat dog has been socialized or friendly with another cat or vice versa - it does not necessarily mean that the dog or cat will tolerate, understand or communicate well with a different dog or cat.
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Remember that cats are most active at dusk and dawn, as they often come out to hunt during the night. Liz Palika, an award-winning author of pet-care and behavior books that range from dogs and cats to reptiles and birds, provides insight into dog-cat relationships that spell trouble. They shared the same habitat and hunted the same prey.

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Dogs and Cats: Learning to Get Along

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Find a Local Pet Sitter As a pet parent, you can't trust your pet's care to just anyone. Make sure you check a specialist's references, and look for online reviews from other dog owners who have worked with that specialist. Whenever it happened, it seems to be a result of the cat following the rodents, snakes and other pests that gathered around civilization where man was stockpiling food supplies.

Who rules? Dogs and cats: Learning to get along

Teaching your dog not to chase your cat takes time and consistency, but the reward of not having to constantly worry about Fido chasing Fluffy. Q. Any time my cat makes a sudden move, my dog chases her. The dog thinks he's playing, but the cat doesn't like being chased. How can I put. Learn why dogs have a tendency to chase cats and what you can do to stop your dog chasing your cat. Read our detailed tips here.
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It will take some time and patience, but it will work. Hold a treat in each hand.

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Celebrate your dog's progress. Work on leash training her so that she doesn't react to other animals. The dogs are very well trained and no excuses are allowed. He won't learn a new way to behave overnight. Upload a picture for other readers to see. A clicker is a small plastic "box" with a retractable metal tongue, which can be used as an aid in behavior training.
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Repeat the process until your dog immediately backs away from your hand when you tell him to leave it. If you feel inclined to let your dog off-leash during walks, you should do so only in places where you know there will be no cats around, such as a dog park or a quiet place away from other homes.
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Prevention of the inappropriate behavior is very important, since cat-chasing is a self-reinforcing behavior (i.e., the more the dog chases, the more he wants to. In her view, chasing cats, and killing them if possible, would be both a Misha responded to the kitten's approaches with dog-to-dog social behavior: sniffing. He has two other dogs to play with, gets plenty of exercise, and still chases my cats. What am I missing? I know doxis have high prey drives, but why did he start .
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