Reasons cats are better than dogs

With either a cat or dog, you can expect expenditures, such as a spay or neuter surgery, a carrier, and a crate for a dog or a litter box for a cat. Any cat owner will tell you cats always seem to land on their feet. Cat brains are complex. It ' s cute at first, but quickly becomes annoying. Cats are basically silent in feral colonies but make plenty of noises when they live reasons cats are better than dogs humans. We ' re right and we know it.
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Cats are more agile than dogs Cats know how to maneuver their bodies.

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10 Reasons Cats Are Better Than Dogs –

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Plus, cats clean themselves. Dogs have way too much energy, but gets are all about preserving it.

The Best Reasons Why Cats Are Better Than Dogs

5 Reasons Life Is Better For Cat People Cat people are more intelligent than dog people. Cats have a smaller carbon footprint than dogs. By Julia Williams Which makes a better pet – cat or dog? It's an age old debate, and many pet lovers are firmly entrenched on one side or the. Many pet lovers think dogs are better than cats. But let's set the record straight: These are the reasons why cat lovers might have been right all.
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They will willingly waltz up to a stranger to receive plenty of pets.

16. Cats are more agile than dogs

A post shared by Suki The Cat sukiicat on Sep 11, at 4: Felines potentially love humans more than canines. On top of feeding them, you need to walk them and give them endless amounts of attention. Cats also have longer-lasting memories than dogs and can solve harder cognitive problems than dogs — if they feel like it. Cats are efficient sleepers. Perhaps the most basic reason why? Plus, cats have superior vision in dim light.
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Even though some cats shed a ton, it ' s nothing compared to all the dirt, drool and hair dogs get everywhere.
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It can start a war, end a marriage or strain a friendship. The truth about cats versus dogs is a hot-button debate that rages on, even if cat lovers know that their . 1) You can save money by not buying alarm clocks. 2) You'll have soft skin from daily litter box foot scrubs. 3) You don't have to waste money. Which is the better pet between cat and dog is a bone of contention among pet lovers, but there are several indisputable reasons that clearly show that cats have .
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