My cat doesnt like to be held

In fact my own cat is exactly the same. Wondering how it turned out with your two. The older cat 7 year old purebred Maine Coon at 20 pounds would not scratch or bite even if abused, he is so gentle. The girl looks Siamese and is very playful and sweet. I'm afraid you my cat doesnt like to be held just have to accept that she does not like it.
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Why Do Some Cats Not Like to be Held?

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People class themselves as the most intelligent species, but they can be very dense when interacting with animals. Would love to hear your opinion on this.

Why Doesn’t My Cat Like to Be Held?

For instance, if Millie doesn't like being stroked on her cheeks or doesn't like being touched or held gently on her lumbar area (the sides of her. Sure, many cats don't like to be held or cuddled. While I would never force myself on someone else's cat, with my own cats, well, a bit of forced cuddling over. It may be the cat's personality; however, you may well be able to change that to some extent. We adopted our cat when she was about two.
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They May Feel Disrespected

When she was a small kitten I was her play buddy and would play with her all during the day. Are you holding your cat correctly? Stop petting her and touching her before she feels the need to get up, leave or walk away. Often, kitties who sleep with their people are more affectionate and bonded to them than kitties who are locked out of the bedroom. Stressful trips to the vet or groomers may cause your cat to associate being held with anxiety. Wonder which dog or cat best fits your lifestyle?
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At that point put them gently down and talk to them in a nice voice they like.
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It may be the cat's personality; however, you may well be able to change that to some extent. We adopted our cat when she was about two. I have some thoughts of my own about why cats resist cuddling, and I asked my colleague to weigh in as well. It is a truth universally acknowledged: Many cats simply don't like being held. Growing up, my brothers and I always had cats. So we learned.
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