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More expensive than normal screen Thicker. Perfect, Worth Every Penny. My thoughts are usually. Mark the spots on the window jamb where the screw holes in the brackets are positioned. Is there a super-strength type of screening out there? I can't tell you how cat proof screens times I have walked into the room to find the cat halfway up the door or the dog clawing at it.
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When you see the cats starting to go at the screen, squirt them. Find the end of the spline—a flexible cord that is pressed into the channel running around the perimeter of the frame—securing the screen in the frame. When he's not killing poor defenseless baby bunnies, baby chipmunks, mercilessly wiping out the bluebird population of our property, or urinating on my shoes, he tries desparately to get into the house by slamming his fourteen razor-sharp front claws into the Phifer Pet Screen installed on the window.

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A Cat-Proof Screen Door Update! | Waldorf | Pinterest | Cats, Pets and Doors

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Here's a novel thought , throw the little beggar's outside where they belong!!!

How to Re-Screen & Cat-Proof Window Screens

Looking for a pet-proof screen that can stand up to the wear and tear of your furry friend as well as keep out insects? Find out where to buy PetScreen from Phifer. Looking for colored cat-proof window screen? Metro Screenworks has just what you need! We have a variety of colors and lengths of pet screen. Shop now!. Our pets can put extra wear and tear on our screens, leaving our window screens and screen doors in shreds, but pet screen is up for the challenge. Buy our.
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BTW, these guys seem to like the squirt bottle thing, but I haven't tried the coffee version -- didn't realize cats weren't coffee drinkers! Torn screens are also expensive and detract from the street view of the house. Install the appropriate fixtures to keep your cats from damaging window screens or falling from upstairs windows.

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I seldom take the time to write reviews but this product far exceeded my expectations. Drill pilot holes on each mark using a smaller size bit than the size screws that are included with the grill guards. What do you other cat owners do? The window grille guards are the same ones used for screen doors. He reaches up and puts his full weight against the screen and drags all fourteen razor-sharp claws down the screen with all fourteen razor-sharp claws extended. Insert the screws included with the grille guard in the bracket holes and drive them into the window jamb.
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I'd love to be able to open my windows and enjoy the fresh air, but I have 3 cats who will claw the screens to shreds and escape! Is there a. I'd love to be able to open my windows and enjoy the fresh air, but I have 3 cats who will claw the screens to shreds and escape! Is there a. I'd love to be able to open my windows and enjoy the fresh air, but I have 3 cats who will claw the screens to shreds and escape! Is there a.
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