Cat flea bath services

This cut is easy maintenance. I take a lot of pride in my shop and keeping it cat flea bath services and free of fleas is a must! This will prevent your cat from getting matted and avoid the pain and discomfort of mats. Our prices are reasonable, competitive, and up-front. Removing mats from a cat with clippers is painless. Accents, designs or all over color. Time to get rid of them!
mittens - Age: 29
Price - 107$

We do require that all cats are free of any fleas, ticks, parasites or any contagious diseases. A liquid silk treatment is included after the bath.

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Services — Spaw Day Grooming

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Thank-you for your understanding and I'm hoping that reading this you will feel even more confident when picking me as your pets groomer. A spot-on insecticide, such as Advantage, Frontline or Revolution will kill the fleas on the pet and in turn the pet itself will be a roving flea trap and mop up newly hatched fleas. You may also substitute the Sweet Plumeria for the Essential Beauty at no extra charge.

Our Cat Grooming Services

Making dogs & cats look great is our passion! Our academy-trained Pet Stylists have over hours of hands-on grooming instruction that includes bathing. To kill live fleas on your pet, bathe your cat with a flea shampoo made especially for cats. Keep in mind that the shampoo begins to work after your cat is out of. Any pet (Dog or Cat) that comes in with fleas immediately is put into the tub for a flea bath and charged an extra $ Also your pet will be given a CAPSTAR.
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Jinx - Age: 22
Price - 135$

Let's face it sooner or later everyone that owns a pet either has had a flea problem in the past or will possibly during the lifetime of their pet. De-Matting a cat by hand is inhumane, painful and unnecessary. Time to get rid of them!

Basic Grooming

Thanks again, Anna Drake Read more client comments. I have available different topical flea medications as well to apply for you after their groom session. You will get a phone call first if we didn't notice a problem when checking in before it is just added onto your bill. Website by Jensen Websites. For the home Combating a flea infestation in the home takes patience as for every flea found on an animal there are many more developing in the home.
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Ginger - Age: 26
Price - 122$

This prevents fleas from getting on other pets in our shop. Unfortunately at this time we do not offer any ala carte services such as nail trims only, however it is included in all of our spa packages.
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Cat Grooming, Bathing, Clipping, Brushing Services and Tips A weekly flea check; Noticing mats in your cat's fur before they become unmanageable. To kill live fleas on your pet, bathe your cat with a flea shampoo made especially for cats. Keep in mind that the shampoo begins to work after your cat is out of. Reviews on Best Flea Bath in Los Angeles, CA - The Best Little Cat House, was good for the service provided Flea bath and full cut and also remove some.
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