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When the community was still very young, aroundtheories spread quickly, though only between outlying networks of conspiracy theorists. Conspiracy theorists are united in their rejection of conventional views and often the rejection is both a bid to reclaim personal agency and an attempt to experience community. Loading comments… Trouble loading? Topics Science Cat flat earth Observer. Cat flat earth hear stories of family bust-ups, of partners never speaking to each other again. Middle managers on a staff team-building exercise, perhaps.
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Conventions are popping up throughout North America.

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Is the Earth flat? Meet the people questioning science | Global | The Guardian

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Martin Liedtke presents theories with the frenzy of a child high on sugar. Threads collapsed expanded unthreaded. Sarah had been through a hellish break-up.

'If The Earth Was Flat, Why Haven't The Cats Pushed Everything Off By Now?'

Today on FB: If the earth were flat, cats would have pushed everything Says I, while one cat lies down on my arm as I type this, and the other. These flat earth memes will show you that those who think the world 11) When cats provide the biggest argument against the Earth being flat. However, flat earth ideas have moved incrementally towards the mainstream. After examining these flat earth online communities, it becomes.
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This is contrary to thousands of years of science, of course. It was confirmed in the s when a Spanish expedition led by Magellan circumnavigated the globe. For long-standing Flat Earthers, the information is old-hat.

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I hear stories of family bust-ups, of partners never speaking to each other again. Coming out in opposition to conventional science can be fraught. Those at the beginning of their Flat Earth journey typically encounter hundreds of ideas — some alike, some wildly contradictory — in a very short space of time. But the young men have yet to fully commit to the community. Towards the end of the day I walk past Kai in a corridor. Around people have paid to attend. Its water under the bridge because you are over it.
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The older man introduces his take on the Nasa cover-up. But the comment hides darker sentiment, too. Someday there will be a Google Doodle celebrating Elon Musk's and-something birthday from Showerthoughts.
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Alan Burdick writes about a growing community of people who reject the notion that the Earth is round. Buy Cat Flat Earth T-Shirt, Funny Kitten Flat Earth Theory Tee: Shop top fashion brands T-Shirts at ✓ FREE DELIVERY and Returns possible on. See more 'Flat Earth Theory' images on Know Your Meme!.
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